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Hag Pregnancy In BG3: Consequences And Choices

Hag is a dangerous and powerful creature who can take on the form of any creature she chooses.

However, she became pregnant, but the developers have not yet revealed the story behind her pregnancy.

Hag is a powerful witch who can create illusions, transform into other creatures, heal quickly, summon other creatures, and resist magic. Despite the consequences of Hag’s pregnancy, you can still help her by gaining her trust, offering food, providing medical supplies, and raising her child.

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Who Is Hag In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Hag is an old, powerful, and wicked witch who is also known as Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3.

She is manipulative and uses her powers to deceive and torment her victims.

Ethel is first encountered in the Druid Grove, posing as a kindly old woman.

Despite her true intentions, she offers to help the player character remove the tadpole parasite that has been implanted in their brain.

hag is an old, powerful, and wicked witch who is also known as auntie ethel
Hag is an old, powerful, and wicked witch who is also known as Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Hag is a skilled illusionist who can shapeshift and create powerful magical wards and traps.

Moreover, the Hag possesses a range of abilities, some of which are:

  • She can create powerful illusions to create traps, multiple copies of herself that can deceive and confuse her enemies.
  • Hag can also change her appearance to look like other creatures or individuals.
  • Moreover, she is a spellcaster, including offensive spells like Magic Missile and debilitating spells like Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.
  • She can teleport and move from one location to another.
  • Hag has a powerful healing factor that allows her to recover from injuries quickly.
  • Furthermore, she possesses a magical eye that allows her to see and influence events from a distance.
  • She can also summon various creatures to aid in battle, including Fey beasts, demons, and undead.
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What Are The Consequences Of Hag Pregnancy In BG3?

The consequences of Hag’s pregnancy are all based on theories from players since the developers have not revealed them yet.

However, the Hag’s pregnancy could simply have no significant consequences at all.

Some of the consequences are:

1. Powerful Offspring

Hags are powerful creatures with a range of abilities.

It is possible that the Hag’s pregnancy could lead to the birth of a child with incredible magical abilities.

2. Weaken Magical Powers

Pregnancy is a physically demanding time, and it can weaken a creature’s magical powers.

So, her pregnancy can make her more vulnerable to attack, preventing her from using her magic to its full potential.

3. Conflict With The Players

The players may worry about the potential threat the hag’s child poses and try to kill Hag.

Moreover, this could lead to conflict between the player character and the hag.

4. New Alliance

The Hag might help the players in exchange for their help in protecting her child.

This could lead to a new alliance between the hag and the player character.

How To Help Hag During Pregnancy In BG3?

Here are some points on how you can help the pregnant hag in BG3:

1. Gain Her Trust

The Hag is a suspicious and distrustful creature, so it will be important to gain her trust before offering her help.

You can do this by completing quests for her, giving her gifts, or helping her to achieve her goals.

2. Offer Her Food

The Hag will need plenty of water and food because pregnancy is physically demanding.

You can either offer her food and water from your inventory or help her find a safe place to scavenge.

3. Find A Place To Give Birth

Eventhough the Hag is a powerful creature, she will still be vulnerable during her childbirth.

You can help her find a safe place to give birth, such as a cave, a dungeon, or an abandoned building.

However, you can also help her to protect her child from predators and other dangers.

4. Provide Medical Supplies

The Hag will need medical supplies such as bandages, herbs, and potions during childbirth.

You can either provide these supplies from your inventory or help her find a healer.

5. Help Her Raise The Child

Once the Hag’s child is born, she will need help raising it.

However, you can offer to help her with tasks such as feeding, bathing, and teaching the child.

The Bottom Line

Hag is a dangerous enemy but also a complex and interesting character with various abilities.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the Hag may not admit that she needs your help.

However, if you are patient and persistent, you may be able to gain her trust and help her through her pregnancy and childbirth.

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