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Retrieve Missing Letters By Rescuing Pigeons In BG3

The missing pigeons in BG3 is a side quest that is relatively short and straightforward.

You’ll need to start the Sword Coast Courier’s quest and talk to the pigeon leader to start the mission.

You must go to the rooftop of the Open Hand Temple to find the missing pigeons and retrieve the missing letters in Sword Coast Couriers.

This article explains the Sword Coast Couriers and how to rescue missing pigeons in BG3.

Introduction To Sword Coast Couriers

The Sword Coast Couriers Quest is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that involves finding missing pigeons.

The quest involves finding and retrieving some missing letters carried by pigeons but stolen by Tressym, a magical creature.

You can speak with Danzo Arkwright to begin the mission. He is the Sword Coast Courier Post House owner in Rivington.

One of the missing letters is personal, so he will ask you to help him find it.

In this quest, if you get the letters from the Tressym, you can return to Danzo and give him the bundle of letters.

missing pigeons bg3
Tressym is holding hostage of pigeons.

To Read Or Not To Read: Your Choice

You can either give him the letters without opening them or open them and read them first.

Depending on your choice, you will get different rewards and reactions from Danzo and other characters.

Moreover, you will learn some secrets and information about people and events in the game.

However, you can also read the missing letters before returning to the Pigeon Commander.

Further, you can find out about a war profiteering conspiracy involving the Open Hand Temple after reading it.

You can then confront the Open Hand Temple High Priest about this.

However, it will not affect the outcome of the quest.

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How To Rescue Missing Pigeons And Retrieve Missing Letters In BG3?

After starting the quest, you must stick to the following steps to retrieve a missing letter from Tressym:

  1. First, talk to the owner, Danzo Arkwright, at the Sword Coast Courier Post House in Rivington. He will ask you to assist him in locating the missing letters that the pigeons carried.
  2. Enter the subsequent chamber, then climb the stairs.
  3. Speak with the pigeon perched on the barrel using a Speak with Animals spell or ability.
  4. You’ll learn through it that their enemy has flanked them on the west side, not a single rooftop away.
  5. Head west from the Post House to the Open Hand Temple.
  6. As soon as you enter the temple, head to the right-side kitchen
  7. Step outside the door and go down the stairs. Reach the temple roof by climbing the tangled roots on the north side.
  8. You will encounter Tressym, a winged cat-like perched on a nest on the roof. It is the creature responsible for the pigeon slaughter and devouring.
  9. Try to approach, frighten, or trick it into giving you the letters.
  10. You can battle it and its henchmen but do not harm the pigeons.
  11. Once you defeat Tressym and retrieve the missing letters, you can return to Danzo

Rewards For Finding Missing Letters In BG3

The rewards for finding the missing letters in Baldur’s Gate 3 depend on whether you open the letters.

Whether you convince Danzo Arkwright, frighten, or trick him depends.

You will receive about 300 gold if you give the letters to Danzo without opening them.

Also, you can ask him to increase the finder’s fee, but it might not be successful.

Further, you may read and examine the letters beforehand and discover that Danzo is working with the Zhentarim, a criminal group.

You can confront Danzo after speaking with him and employ trickery, intimidation, or persuasion to raise his prize to more than 600 gold.

However, this could harm your standing with specific groups or game characters.

The Bottom Line

The missing letters side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a quest that can be completed in Act 3.

To find the missing letters, you must head to the Open Hand Temple rooftop and either defeat or persuade a Tressym to leave.

Once you have the letters, you can return to the Sword Coast Couriers building to complete the quest and receive your reward.

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