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Fortnite Chapter 5: Get Weapon Case From Hazy Hillside

Weapon Case is one of the recently added features in the first season of Chapter 5 that grants players access to several guns.

Players can acquire the weapon case from Hazy Hillside during Fortnite’s Chapter 5 season 1.

In Chapter 5 Season 1 of Fortnite, players have to complete one of the kickstart quests called Search a Weapon Case, which can be completed by venturing through Hazy Hillside or other locations marked in their mini-map.

Continue reading to learn more about the Hazy Hillside Weapon Case in Fortnite.

What Is Weapon Case In Fortnite?

In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, players have to complete several kickstart quests to embark on this journey.

Search a Weapon Case is one of the kickstart quests in the game which presents the task of locating the Weapon Case.

Weapon Cases
Players can find Weapon Case from any marked locations on the map.

Moreover, players can acquire several weapons after locating the weapon case successfully.

Players can complete the quest by locating the weapon cased from any marked locations on the map.

Acquiring the Weapon Case not only enhances the arsenal of the player but also enhances the overall gaming experience.

Hunting The Weapon Case At Hazy Hillside

Alongside several marked locations, players can acquire the Weapon Case by navigating to the Hazy Hillside.

Players should follow the map and travel to the Hazy Hillside in Fortnite.

However, they must be cautious while traveling and consider the possibility of encountering tough opponents.

Hazy Hill Side
Hazy Hillside is marked on the map.

Moreover, players have to be careful while going to The quirky Funky Fromage Shop and the alley across its streets.

Players must travel in silence and avoid unnecessary attention while going to the Fromage Shop.

So, if you are traveling in a dirt bike or any other vehicle that creates a big noise, you should immediately dump it.

Locating The Weapon Case At Hazy Hillside

After players get rid of the loud noise of many vehicles, they have to adapt to the stealthy approach to locate the Weapon Case.

To ensure minimal detection and survive the unexpected encounter, walk on your foot and make the required move.

Players must remain inconspicuous and make a stealthy move to surprise their enemies and grab an easy kill.

Similarly, upon reaching the Funky Fromage Shop, players must be patient while entering the building.

Players have to wait outside to know if someone is inside the shop.

Similarly, if they hear any noise inside they can relocate and kill them surprisingly.

Weapon Cases in Hazy Hillside
Upon reaching the basement of the marked building, players can find the weapon case.

Next, players can enter the Fromage Shop and descend to reveal the entrance to the basement.

Players can find the coveted weapon cases in the back room of Fromage Shop’s basement.

Further, they can now collect several weapons from the weapon cases and add them to their weapon collection.

The Bottom Line

Several enticing features from The New Chapter 5 of Fortnite have created excitement among its players.

Players must be patient enough during their travel to the Hazy Hillside’s hidden weapon case as it presents unexpected encounters.

In summary, players can complete one of their kickstart quests by locating the Hidden weapon case from the Hazy Hillside.

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