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Overview Of The Equipment Slots In Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, players are curious about the functionality of equipment and off-hand slots in the inventory.

You can harvest food and collect items like weapons, juices, shields, etc to add to each slot of your inventory for survival.

Equipment slots in Lego Fortnite are special places in your inventory where you can stack up to three of the rare shields. The more shields you stack in the equipment slot, the more health points you will have. Hence, it is a key to surviving longer in the game as you will have enough HP.

Continue reading to learn more about Equipment slots in your inventory in Lego Fortnite.

Slots In The Inventory Of Lego Fortnite

In Lego Fortnite, you can find three equipment slots when you open your inventory slot.

In these equipment slots, you put any three necessary items from the inventory to make the most of it.

For instance, if you have rare items like Health Charm, you can equip three of them in the inventory slot.

Hence, this will help you to get maximum health points during the game.

lego harvest food and items
Harvest food and collect items like weapons, juices, shields, etc to add to each slot of your inventory for survival.

Furthermore, your inventory has a quick bar, off-hand slots, and equipment slots.

You can put precious items from your inventory in the equipment slots and items you will require frequently in the game in the quick bar.

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Equipment Slots In The Inventory Of Lego Fortnite

The equipment slot is one of the Inventory of Lego Fortnite slots.

You can drag and drop various items from your inventory and place them under the equipment slots of your inventory.

seven hearts
Drag and drop three health charms from your inventory to get seven full red hearts and six shields.

Furthermore, you can equip items like food, juices, weapons, shields, meat, etc in the slot.

The off-hand slot is for items like food, weapons, juices, etc whereas the equipment slot is for rare shields like Health Charm.

1. Equip Rare Health Charms

Health charms are rare items in Lego Fortnite that work like a shield and have healing properties.

You can use the health charm to buff your character, as it has defense abilities.

equipment slot
Drag and drop health charms in your equipment slot to get more health points for survival.

Furthermore, you can make the hearts represent your Full Health Point using the health charm.

It will lift your spirits in the game by giving you maximum health.

2. Equip To Three Health Charms

The best part about the Health Charm is it is stackable in Lego Fortnite inventory.

Hence, it will allow you to stack up to three health charms in your equipment slot.

With three health charms in your equipment slot, you can keep increasing your health points.

stack health charms
Stack up to three health charms in your equipment slot for full health.

3. Get Full HP And Six Shields

You will be full of seven red hearts and six shields when you equip Health charms in your equipment slot.

Even if you receive hits and damage and deplete your HP in the game, you will not starve due to the three health charms.

Hence, it will ultimately help you to last longer and survive in Lego Fortnite.

The Bottom Line

Lego Fortnite is an exciting game where you must learn to fight and manage the items you collect from the loot.

Hence, using the correct weapons, eating necessary food, drinking juices, and using rare shields are important factors for survival.

You can use the slots in your inventory to manage the items efficiently and take them out quickly when needed.

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