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Helldivers 2 Cant Extract: Possible Fixes

In Helldivers 2, many players have filed frustrated complaints because they cant extract despite completing missions.

After completing the mission, a helicopter-like aircraft typically arrives for extraction.

However, extraction is hindered by major bugs, causing the aircraft to leave without the players.

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Helldivers 2: Extraction In A Shuttle

In Helldivers, players exit the battlefield in a shuttle, inputting six random directional commands on the extraction beacon to activate it.

The shuttle arrives one minute and thirty seconds after activation, while enemies swarm the extraction site.

Extraction Shuttle
Extraction Shuttle upon successfully will show a small 3-4 seconds cutscene.

Moreover, The enemy patrols will swarm toward the extraction beacon from across the entire area of operations.

Additionally, You should swiftly eliminate scouts which is crucial to prevent stronger enemy forces from being called in, potentially jeopardizing the extraction. 

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Cant Extract Upon Mission Completion In Helldivers 2

Players have encountered a strange bug in Helldivers 2 where they cannot get inside the shuttle that would normally extract them.

The shuttle frequently experiences issues that result in players being unable to board the aircraft.

Despite, the boarding shuttle being the last objective of the mission, it doesn’t tend to let players leave the battlefield.

Moreover, being unable to leave the battlefield, players have tried different methods to complete the quest, including dying and 500 kg bombs.

The shuttle is indestructible, making it impossible to bomb or shoot at it in an attempt to summon a different one. 

Cant Extract In Helldivers 2: Possible Fixes

As the shuttle lands, you find yourself unable to board it amidst the relentless enemy swarm that has killed you multiple times.

Nonetheless, we have a few potential fixes that might address this issue.

1. Replay Mission

If the issue occurs, restart the mission and play all over again.

Additionally, make sure you have the best possible loadout for it.

This sounds like too much work to do but it could be an issue solver most of the time.

2. Crawl Or Prone Into The Shuttle

The shuttle can be boarded while the Helldiver is in the down state or crawling.

Sustain enough damage for you to go in the down state, don’t die though, while your friends protect your crawling body.

Then, Make sure you crawl through the center of the door into the shuttle.

However, only one person going in the shuttle will cause the shuttle to leave and the mission will be completed but it will not give out all the objective rewards.

3. Board Forcibly

Board the shuttle forcibly in a prone state or crouch, with your friends pushing your character into the shuttle from behind.

helldivers 2 cant extract
Players are seen to be boarding the shuttle forcibly, leading the mission to be completed.

This method has seemed to work for many players.

4. Restart The Game

Restarting the game may appear to be the simplest solution, yet it effectively clears out the temporary cache collected during a single run.

Close the game and the Steam launcher and open it back up, this should fix the issue if it’s a temporary one.

5. Verify Game Files

To verify game integrity follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Steam
  2. Go to your game library 
  3. Right-click on Helldivers 2 
  4. Go to Properties
  5. Head over to ‘Installed Files’
  6. Click on ‘Verify integrity of game files’
  7. After the game file verification, steam will update you about it
cant extract helldivers 2
Verify the integrity of game files.
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