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Helldivers 2 Sample Glitch: Get Infinite Currency

Helldivers 2 sample glitch is an issue where players are being granted with infinite sample currencies.

This glitch has dynamically changed the player’s gameplay as they can buy anything using this glitch.

Moreover, many players exploit this glitch to obtain high-tier items and gear in the game without putting in any effort.

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What Is Sample Glitch In Helldivers 2?

In Helldivers 2, samples are valuable cash that can be used to improve ship modules aboard the Super Destroyer.

Currently in Helldivers 2, there are inlcusion of 2 glitches that are related to the samples.

  1. Infinite Sample Glitch
  2. Unable to pickup Samples Glitch

Infinite sample glitch is the glitch where players are getting infinite numbers of samples just by re-logging in the game.

Many players are exploiting this glitch to acquire high-tier items and progress through the game more quickly.

Moreover, there is another glitch, called the “super sample glitch,” where players a unable to pickup the samples.

This glitch occurs when you try to pick up Samples too quickly, causing items to become broken and impossible to collect.

Sample Glitch in Helldivers 2
Many players are facing a glitch relating to samples as some are getting high amounts of samples, and some are unable to collect them.

Therefore to prevent this glitch, try to take time to clear the area from any enemies and then pick up samples slowly.

This way you can easily collect the sample without facing the glitch of not being ablt to collect the super samples.

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Utilizing a glitch to generate infinite samples in Helldivers 2 is against the game’s rules.

It gives players an unfair advantage in gameplay, making the game less enjoyable for others.

Even if you attempt to glitch in hopes of obtaining an infinite sample, you won’t know how long it will work.

However, for faster and more reliable sample collection in Helldivers 2, farming is the best option.

Therefore, follow these ways to farm Samples and get them faster in Helldivers 2. 

1. Start Operation Defend Freedom

Defend Freedom is an operation that is a Terminid faction and players have to defeat Terminids to complete.

Therefore, start this operation to begin the process of sample farming in Helldivers 2.

Defend freedom
This specific operation has the highest numbers of samples throughout the game.

2. Choose Mission

After you start the Defend Freedom operation, choose the mission Eradicate Terminid Swarm.

However, before you start the mission, make sure to play this mission in Harder Difficulty.

Eradicate Terminid Swarm
This mission provide you with 15 samples in 10 mins of the mission.

3. Prepare For The Mission

As you start the mission in harder difficulty mode, prepare yourself with high-damage weapons.

You can also carry the mortars to be more efficient and clear the Tirminids faster.

4. Collect All The Samples

As you deploy for the mission, collect all the samples, which is 15 in maximum number.

This 10 mins of the mission will give you 15 samples which is the maximum number of samples that you can get in the game.

5. Complete The Mission

As you choose the mission and start it, you can assume that you will have 15 max numbers of samples that you can collect.

Therefore, explore the mission to defeat the required numbers of Tirminid and collect all the samples.

6. Farm The Samples

You know the way to obtain the maximum number of Samples in the game.

Therefore, you can simultaneously use this method to obtain 15 Samples every 10 minutes.

Note: On Harder Difficulty, Bile Titan spawns back to back. So, try taking the lower one as it has the same max samples.

Additional Tips To Collect Currency Samples In Helldivers 2

Samples are valuable resources that players collect during missions to upgrade their skills and abilities.

It improves the player’s fighting skills and increases the number of stratagems available for use in battle.

Common samples may be discovered in most areas of interest in a Galactic War mission.

While rarer samples occur on the mission with higher difficulty levels above medium.

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