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Helldivers 2 Exo 44: Release Date And Stats

EXO-44 is a new gun that is added in Helldivers 2 which is a suit that can carry heavy guns with it.

This suit is a powerhouse in it self as it serves also as armor and carrier for heavy guns in the game.

Players cannot carry heavy guns like machine guns and missile launchers unless they have this suit for it.

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What Is Exo 44 In Helldivers 2?

The Exo 44 is an advanced exoskeleton suit designed for combat operations in hostile environments.

The appearance of this suit resembles that of a robot, and it functions by allowing your character to get inside and control it.

Hence, there will be slide decrease in your movement speed because of the gigantic body of the suit.

You will have a huge advantage while using it as you’ll get armor protection and more damage output.

However, Exo 44 is one use only which means you can use it only once, and requires an activation time of 3 seconds.

The Exo 44 is equipped with two ranged powerful weapons including:

  1. MG-11 minigun
  2. Homing Missiles
Exo 44 in Helldivers 2
Exo 44 in Helldivers 2 is a powerfull robotic suit that can carry heavy weapons.
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Release Date Of Exo 44 In Helldivers 2

Exo 44 was released along with the release of the game on 8th February 2024.

Many players found the trailer confusing because it didn’t specify the exact release date of the gun in the game.

There was a statement that said “Exo-44 will release soon after launch” at the end of the trailer.

Which made players believe that the gun will release after some period of time of the release.

However, the suit was released with the game and was available in the game from the start.

Stats Of Exo 44 In Helldivers 2

Exo 44 is an anti-tank suit that allows players to obtain heavy guns with extra powers and magazines.

This suit works well with tank enemies as it deals a high amount of damage.

It’s a one-time use suit and you cannot use it again in the future unless you obtain another one in the game.

Therefore, use this suit only when you face tank enemies which are hard to deal with rather than using it carelessly.

There are 3 levels in Exo 44 in Helldivers 2.

  1. Exosuit Mk1: Basic variant with no upgrades.
  2. Exosuit Mk2: Increases the ammunition supply and stability of the minigun. (costs 2 gold)
  3. Exosuit Mk3: Upgrades the missiles to armor-piercing, anti-tank missiles. (costs 3 gold)

The final variant of the Exo 44 is the Mk3, known as the EXO-44 ‘Stomper’ Exosuit Mk-3.

More detailed damage of the guns that come with the Exo 44 are as follows:

EXO-44 Minigun and Missile Launcher Detailed Analysis

WeaponMinigunMissile Launcher
Weapon CategoryMachine GunMissile Launcher
Fire modeFull-autoFull-auto
Damage75 0
Upgraded Capacity2000 (Requires Mk2 upgrade)8 (Requires Mk3 upgrade)
Spread4 degree0 degree (Fixed firing pattern
Upgraded Spread2.5 degree (Requires Mk3 upgrade)0 degree

How To Get Exo 44 In Helldivers 2?

To earn the Exo 44 reward in Helldivers 2, players must complete all the missions associated with a planet.

This means you have to complete every single objective of the choice of your planet.

Players must first use the Galactic Campaign map to decide which enemy to fight (Bugs, Cyborgs, or the Illuminate).

Planet Selection
Choose planets wisely as the type of enemies will decide the difficulties in missions of the planet.

Every planet has similar missions but includes a special mission and difficulty level of enemies.

Hence, the objectives associated with all the planets are as follows.

  1. Exterminate a varying amount of enemies
  2. Destroy (Bug Nests, Cyborg AA Guns, Illuminate Beacons)
  3. Retrieve (Black Box, Illuminate Power Core)
  4. Escort (Survivors, Resource Convoy)
  5. Deploy (SAM Site, Truth Transmitter, Oil Extractor, Artillery, Launchpad*, Geological Survey)
  6. Defuse Unexploded Ordnance
  7. Assassinate (Bug Brood Commander, Cyborg Warlord, Illuminate Council Member)
  8. Capture Area
  9. Extract

Completing this objective will earn you the Exo 44 reward, which you can then utilize in other missions.

Therefore, if you want an easy way to obtain Exo 44, then choose the planet with Bugs Enemies.

These are the most basic enemies in the game and you can easily complete the mission and obtain Exo 44.

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