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Trackers Alliance Kiosk Starfield: Your Bounty Solution

Trackers Alliance Kisok is one of the mysterious locations in Starfield. 

In Starfield, you play as a member of Constellation, an organization dedicated to exploring the mysteries of space.

Certain illegal or harmful actions you take against NPCs or factions can result in earning a bounty on your head.

In Starfield, you can remove bounties acquired through illegal actions by using Trackers Alliance Kiosks located across different faction territories, paying off your bounty and ensuring safe exploration in the galaxy.

In this article, we will discuss the Bounty in Starfield and how to remove it with the help of  Trackers Alliance Kiosk.

What Is Bounty In Starfield?

In Starfield, certain illegal or harmful actions you take against NPCs or factions can result in earning a bounty on your head.

Bounties work as a criminal penalty system where it tracks your crimes, and you gain a monetary bounty that you must pay off.

Actions that can earn you a bounty include murder, assault, trespassing, pickpocketing resisted items, and hacking owned objects without permission.

The higher the crime, the larger the bounty amount will be.

Once you have an active bounty, it alerts guards and law enforcement from that faction, and they may attack you on sight until you clear the bounty.

How To Remove Bounties? (The Trackers Alliance Kiosk In Starfield)

To remove an active bounty in Starfield, you must visit a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk.

These kiosks are white and red in color, and you can find them throughout civilian outposts and spaceport bars across the different factions.

However, you cannot clear a bounty from a kiosk that is located in the same faction space where the bounty was earned, as local regulations prevent that.

You must find a kiosk in an unrelated faction’s territory. Once at the kiosk, select the bounty you want to clear, and it will show you the offenses, current bounty amount, and cost to clear your criminal record.

Simply pay the amount due, and your bounty will be removed, allowing you to safely return to the faction space.

trackers alliance
You must find a kiosk in an unrelated faction’s territory.
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How To Find Trackers Alliance Kiosks In Starfield?

Here are some specific locations to find Trackers Alliance kiosks across the star systems:

1. New Atlantis On Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)

  • Location: Main level of the large spaceport.
  • Directions: Head up the ramp to the left after disembarking your ship.
  • Specific Spot: Tucked away in the corner near the entrance to the Viewport bar.

2. Cydonia On Mars (Sol System)

  • Location: Near the city entrance.
  • Directions: Take an immediate right after entering the city.
  • Specific Spot: The kiosk is just outside, leaning against the wall, right before the entrance to the Broken Spear bar.

3. Neon On Volii Alpha (Volii System)

  • Location: In the bustling city of Neon.
  • Directions: Located directly adjacent to the entrance of the popular Astral Lounge establishment.

4. Dismal PIt Outpost on Jemison III

  • Location: In the main courtyard area by the landing pads.
  • Convenience: Centrally located within the outpost for easy access.

5. Fort McPherson On Kreet III

  • Location: Centrally located, not far from the entrance of the outpost.

6. Fort Concord On Kreet V

  • Location: Central position within the outpost, easily accessible near the entrance.

7. EOS Starship Graveyard Station

  • Location: Within the main docking area of the station.
  • Accessibility: Easily reached at the heart of the station.

These Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosks are strategically placed in major cities, outposts, and even on large capital ships and space stations across the Starfield galaxy.

Their accessibility ensures that players can efficiently clear their bounties no matter where their adventures take them.

However, it’s important to note that attempting to clear a bounty within the territory of the faction where it was incurred is impossible.

These kiosks serve as a reliable way to wipe the slate clean and continue exploring the stars without a bounty on one’s head.

trackers alliance bounty
Pay the full bounty fee using credits.

How To Remove Bounties With Trackers Alliance Kiosk In Starfield?

To clear a bounty using the kiosk, simply follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Trackers Alliance kiosk in a different faction space other than where you get your bounty.
  2. Interact with the kiosk and select the bounty you want to clear from the list.
  3. You will be shown the bounty amount due along with details of the crime.
  4. Pay the full bounty fee using credits.
  5. Once you pay, the bounty will be removed, and you can safely return to the original faction space without the threat of attack.

The Bottom Line

And that concludes our guide on how to remove bounties using the Trackers Alliance self-service kiosks in Starfield.

Don’t let those pesky bounties stop you from exploring the Settled Systems.

You should just head to the nearest kiosk, pay their dues, and you’re free to continue your adventures without the law cracking down.

Happy Gaming!

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