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Helldivers 2 Planets: The Accessible Environments

In Helldivers 2, players need to infiltrate planets inside the game to free the world from outrageous enemies.

Likewise, players have the option to choose their desired planet by visiting the planet selection console.

Each planet has its difficulty level where formidable bosses like Bugs, Cyborgs, or the Illuminate are present.

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Planet Selection In Helldivers 2

Players should first select the planet they wish to travel to through the planet selection console.

Likewise, since all of these enemies present a formidable challenge, you need to have the proper strategy to tackle them.

You can plan your strategy according to your chosen difficulty level and enemy rank to confront.

Whether facing the relentless Bug, formidable Cyborgs, or mysterious Illuminate, every choice sets the stage for upcoming missions.

Upon selecting your desired enemies and the world, players are then teleported to that specific planet.

However, if the selection region’s sector is not your homeworld, players are presented with 15-17 different planets.

These planets are occupied by the enemy, and twelve of these planets form a horizontal chain to make the task even more challenging.

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Different Planets In HellDivers 2

In Helldivers 2, players have the opportunity to choose their desired planets and the boss they want to battle.

All these planets have their unique environment and consist the enemies like Cyborg (robots), Bug, and Illuminate Homeworlds.

Players can witness different environments like Snow, Desert, Forest, Volcanic, Ruined City, and City within these planets.

However, during the initial phase of Helldivers, players can only choose among the Snow, Desert, and Forest environments.

Similarly, all these planets have specific weather, hazard sets, and missions associated with the environment type.

Here’s a detailed explanation of all the planet’s environments that you can choose during the initial phase of HellDivers 2:

1. Desert

In Helldivers, the desert is one of the primary planet environments, with vast mountain ranges and boiling geyser pools.

Deserts are vast dunes and treacherous areas that provide abundant space for strategic maneuvers for the players.



Desert Planet Environment In HellDivers 2
The player should find and lose any active Termind holes by defeating the bugs in Desert Planet.

Moreover, players need to be cautious about the different challenges associated with the Desert Planet.

These planets are homeworld to the bugs and also present challenges like land mines and bottomless pits.

2. Snow

Snow is the second environment which is similar to the Desert Planets with open snowfields, frozen lakebeds, and open pools.

Similarly, it is Frozen lands where it’s hard to move fast and icy waters make traveling even more problematic.

Players should be cautious about the open Arctic water breaches while traversing in Snow World as it can kill you instantly.

3. Forest

The forest is the third environment within the Helldiver planets that presents a significant challenge.

Players should be extremely careful while exploring the Forest as you can easily get lost in thick forests and swampy areas.

Moreover, players should be cautious while traversing the Forest areas as some areas present large marshes.

Forests are the homeworld to the Illuminate so be careful during your travel as they can trap players easily.

Robot Planet In Helldivers 2

Among these planets, players can spot most of the robots and cyborgs within the Cyberstan planet.

Cyberstan planet is home to cyborgs and robots, which presents a significant challenge for the players.

Similarly, Cyborgs are former human beings who are obsessed with technology and robots.

Snow Environment Planet In Helldivers 2
A player is exploring the home of the robot’s planet called Cyberstan in Helldivers 2.

With their rebellious nature and obsession with cybernetic augmentation, these robots are a great threat to humanity.

Likewise, robots like Initiate, Hound, Grotesque, Immolator, Hulk, etc. belong to the Cyberstan planet.

During their exploration of Cyberstan planet, these cyborgs/robots present a formidable challenge for the players.

Hence, prepare your moves and plan strategically before venturing through the Cyberstan Planet in HellDivers 2.

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