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Three Undiscovered Temples: A Mystery In Starfield

In Starfield, there are currently 3 undiscovered temples out of 24 temples.

Moreover, these temples are dispersed over many star systems and not indicated on the map.

Temples in Starfield are ancient structures that contain powerful artifacts and secrets. However, they are not easy to find or access.

This article discusses the Temples in Starfield, including the three undiscovered temples in Starfield.

Introduction To Temples In Starfield

There exist ancient buildings in Starfield called temples. However, finding or entering them is difficult. The temples contain vital relics and mysteries.

They are a part of the main questline of the game, which entails exploring the galaxy and unraveling the secrets of the artifacts.

There are 24 temples, each corresponding to a distinct artifact and power.

You’ll need to use your scanner to search for anomalies and UI errors on the scanner.

undiscovered temples starfield
You need a scanner to scan through the location.

After that, you must follow those to the location of the temple.

Moreover, you must enter an anti-gravity chamber and fly into various stardust formations as rapidly as possible before the circular object transforms into a portal to access temples.

undiscovered temples
You can find the gravity wave location to start your journey to search undiscovered temples.

Therefore, it would be best if you equipped each power individually and then used a key or button to activate it.

Powers can temporarily improve your stats, heal you, and grant you extra experience points.

Types Of Temples In Starfield

Temples are an essential part of Starfield, and they offer various rewards for players willing to explore and challenge themselves.

There are different sorts of temples, which are as follows:

1. Combat Temples

These temples concentrate on abilities connected to combat.

You may get significant advantages in combat from the rewards from these temples, such as increased damage output, strengthened defenses, or new special abilities.

2. Exploration Temples

These temples are devoted to the energies of exploration.

Moreover, you might be able to travel more effectively, find new places to visit or overcome environmental difficulties with the prizes from these temples.

3. Utility Temples

These temples concentrate on powers with practical use. These temples’ awards can give you several advantages.

These benefits include a bigger carrying capacity, better hacking abilities, or the capacity to fix your ship rapidly.

In addition to these three primary types of temples, the Starfield galaxy is home to various other extraordinary temples.

These temples frequently provide prizes that are unique to their surroundings or themes.

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What Are 3 Undiscovered Temples In Starfield?

The Undiscovered Temples in Starfield are a mystery many players are trying to solve.

These are solid treasures and secrets hidden within ancient structures.

Also, finding or entering them is difficult.

There are a total of 24 temples, each one representing a distinct item and power.

However, some players claim that after finishing the game and gathering all the artifacts and powers, they still have three temples to find.

This has led to speculation and confusion about where these temples are and what they do.

Different ideas and theories exist regarding this problem.

However, Bethesda, the company that created Starfield, has neither verified nor refuted any of them.

These theories include:

  • The player has already visited the planets or moons where the three undiscovered temples reside. However, they did not adequately scan or extensively examine them.
  • The three undiscovered temples are linked to a bug or fault in the game that prohibits Vladimir. He is the NPC that provides the player with the locations of the temples, from providing the final three sites.
  • This might occur if the player found the planet or moon where the temple resides before speaking with Vladimir. The player needs to speak to Vladimir once more to see if he has any fresh knowledge or solutions to this problem.

The Bottom Line

The three undiscovered temples in Starfield are a mystery that is wreaking havoc among the Starfield community.

Moreover, the temples are ancient structures that contain powerful artifacts and secrets.

Different rumors and explanations are circulating among the players. However, the game’s creator has yet to confirm or deny these rumors.

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