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Palworld No Work Suitability With Cooling: How To Fix It?

Recently, many players have been facing the ‘No work suitability with Cooling‘ issue in Palworld.

When players are trying to assign the cooling task to a Pal, they get this message.

In Palworld, players face the No work suitability with Cooling due to various reasons such as unsuitable Pal type, Pal has another job, or due to bugs. Further, players can solve this by checking their Pal’s type and work Suitability.

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What Is Cooling Work Suitability In Palworld?

 In Palworld, there are different types of Work Suitabilities that Pals can have that determine what kind of tasks a Pal can perform.

Similarly, Cooling is work suitability that is only available to ice-type Pals in Palworld.

Further, if you need a Pal to cool your base, you must look for an ice-type Pal.

cooling in Palworld
There are various Work Suitability in Palworld including Cooling.

Cooling is generally used for structures such as cooler boxes, chillers, and ice cream machines.

Likewise, these structures need cooling to function properly.

Moreover, some of the best Pals for cooling are Frostallion, Penking, Pengullet, and Cryolinx.

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What Is No Work Suitability With Cooling In Palworld?

The message “No work suitability with cooling” in Palworld indicates that players cannot assign the cooling task to the Pal.

Further, the Pal you’re trying to assign to a cooling task, like working a fridge or coolbox, isn’t compatible with that job.

Here are some possible reasons why you might see this message:

1. Pal Type Is Not Suitable

Only Ice-type Pals, like the Frostallion, can directly cool things in Palworld.

Frostallion for cooling work suitability
Frostallion is a Ice type Pal that players can use for the Cooling Work Suitability.

Other types, even if they have high Work Suitability in other areas, won’t be able to use their energy for freezing.

2. Pal Already Has Another Job

In the game, each Pal is limited to having only one active job at a time.

If your Pal is already assigned to another task, such as mining or farming, they cannot do the cooling job.

3. Incompatible Equipment

Make sure the equipment you’re trying to assign the Pal to is actually powered by a Pal and not some other means, like electricity.

Moreover, fridges and coolboxes in Palworld typically require a Pal on top to function.

4. Bug And Glitches

In some cases, there have been reports of bugs where the game incorrectly shows “No work suitability” even if the Pal is compatible.

If you’ve checked all the other possibilities, it’s worth restarting the game or looking for updates to see if the issue has been fixed.

Possible Fixes For No Cooling Work Suitability In Palworld

There are some possible fixes that players can use for dealing with “No work suitability with cooling.”

  • Check your Pal’s type and Work Suitability: Look at your Pal’s information screen to see if they have the Ice type and any relevant Work Suitability traits for cooling.
  • Clear their current job: If they’re already assigned to another job, head to the job assignment menu and unassign them from their current task.
  • Double-check the equipment: Make sure the fridge or coolbox you are trying to use is compatible with Pal Power. Further, it should not be connected to another source.
  • Report the bug: Report any suspected bugs to Palworld developers for investigation and fixing.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can assign Pals with a Cooling task along with work suitability along to optimize the base properly.

Cooling work suitability helps to cool the base using the Ice-type Pals.

Players should make sure to choose the correct Pal for the cooling job to avoid the No Cooling Work Suitability issue.

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