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Helldivers 2 Propaganda: Mocks Militarism And Imperialism

Helldivers 2 is a game that uses propaganda to create a humorous and engaging experience for the players.

The game also challenges the players to question and reflect on the war and their role in it.

However, Helldivers 2 is a satire and a commentary on the power and influence of propaganda.

Continue reading to explore how Helldivers 2 uses propaganda to create a humorous and engaging player experience.

A Mandatory Broadcast Praises Super Earth

Helldivers 2 starts with a mandatory broadcast that plays on every screen and device in Super Earth.

The broadcast praises the achievements and virtues of Super Earth and its leader, President Bob, and warns the citizens of the alien threat.

Further, the broadcast states that “refusal to pay attention is treason” and that “failure to enlist is cowardice”.

Generally, the broadcast is clearly meant to brainwash the population and instill fear and loyalty in them.

The broadcast also sets the tone for the game, as it shows the absurdity and hypocrisy of the regime and its propaganda.

The players are expected to laugh at the exaggerated claims and slogans and to question the motives and methods of Super Earth.

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The Tutorial: Gameplay Mechanics And Instructor

The tutorial introduces the player to the basic gameplay mechanics and the Helldiver instructor.

The instructor constantly compliments the players and tells them how invincible they are.

However, ignores the fact that most Helldivers die within minutes of landing on a hostile planet.

The tutorial also teaches the player how to use the stratagems and shows the friendly fire mechanic.

Significantly, it aims to make the player feel powerful and confident and expose them to the game’s dangers and challenges.

Contrarily, the tutorial adds to the game’s humor. The instructor’s remarks contrast with the reality of the situation and the player’s actions.

helldivers 2 propaganda
A Reddit post on Helldivers 2 propaganda

The Mission Briefings: Deal with the Enemies

The mission briefings give the player objectives and tips on dealing with the enemies.

For example, the Terminids are called “bugs” or “vermin,” and the Automatons are called “clankers” or “toasters.”

Similarly, the Illuminates are called “squids” or “mind-benders.”

This encourages players to use weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear missiles and orbital strikes.

This liberates the planets from the alien menace.

The mission briefings provide the player with useful information and guidance.

However, it shows the dehumanization and violence of the war.

Contrarily, the player must realize that the war is not as noble and righteous as Super Earth claims.

Nevertheless, enemies are not as evil and monstrous as Super Earth portrays.

The mission briefings give the player objectives and tips.

In-game Dialogue: Humor, Sarcasm, and Irony

The in-game dialogue includes various voice lines from Helldivers, enemies, and announcers.

The dialogue is full of humor, sarcasm, and irony, often highlighting the absurdity and futility of the war.

For example, the Helldivers will shout things like “For Super Earth!” or “Taste freedom!” as they kill the enemies.

Meanwhile, enemies sometimes beg for mercy or question the Helldivers’ motives.

The announcer will also congratulate the player for completing the mission.

Although they fail to achieve all the objectives or lose all their teammates.

Hence, it will remind them to “spread democracy” and “enjoy the war.”

Contrarily, the dialogue intends to entertain and amuse the player.

Regardless, making them think about the consequences and implications of their actions.

helldivers 2
Helldivers will shout things like “For Super Earth!”.

The End Credits: Scenes from the Game

The end credits show a montage of scenes from the game, which is accompanied by a patriotic song.

This celebrates the Helldivers and their achievements while also mocking the clichés and tropes of war movies and video games.

The song has the title “Helldivers, We Are One”.

Significantly, it has lyrics such as “We are the heroes of the galaxy / We fight for freedom and democracy / We are the Helldivers, we are one / We never give up, we never run”.

Contrarily, the end credits are a fun and rewarding way to end the game.

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