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How To Upgrade Diamond Circlet In TotK?

If you are a die-hard fan of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you might wonder how to upgrade the Diamond Circlet, a luxury headgear.

Upgrading Diamond Circlet is not that hard; however, it is expensive and time-consuming.

You need to find the Great Fairy Fountains and pay them a fee to unlock their services to upgrade Diamond Circlet to the maximum level.

In this article, we will explore everything about the elegant and powerful jewelry Diamond Circlet with its upgrading tips and its blessings.

What Is Diamond Circlet In TotK?

Diamond Circlet is a Gerudo headpiece set with a diamond that harnesses the Power of Light to increase the attack power.

It is a piece of returning jewelry with four base defenses and an attack-up bonus. 

Similarly, this very useful armor piece helps you deal with more damage to enemies.

Location Of Diamond Circlet

You can purchase Diamond Circlet from the Gerudo Town Jewelry Store for 2,400 Rupees.

However, you must complete the main quest, The Eighth Heroine, before the store opens.

The store is located exactly at the co-ordinate of -3822, -2885, 0043.

Gerudo Town Map in Tears of the Kingdom
 You can find the Gerudo town map in Tears of the Kingdom.

After arriving at Gerudo town, you must head to the second shop. You will find various useful items on the left side, including Diamond Circlet.

The price of this armor is relatively high, but it is worth it as it increases your resistance to attacks. 

Note: The Gerudo Town jewelry store only sells the Diamond Circlet, however, it does not upgrade it.

Requirements For Upgrading Diamond Circlet

You can upgrade the Diamond Circlet with certain materials to increase its defense and effect. Here are some elements required to upgrade the Diamond Circlet at each tier.

  • Tier 1 Upgrade: 3 Flient, 2 Diamonds,  10 Rupees 
  • Tier 2 Upgrade: 5 Flient, 3 Diamonds, 50 Rupees 
  • Tier 3 Upgrade: 5 Diamonds, 1 Star Fragment, 200 Rupees
  • Tier 4 Upgrade: 8 Diamonds, 2 Star Fragment, 500 Rupees
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How To Upgrade Diamond Circlet In TotK?

You can upgrade Diamond Circlet with various materials and increase the attack-up bonus.

First, you must collect materials and pay for some at the Starlight jewelry shop.

Moreover, you can upgrade the Diamond Circlet by visiting the Great Fairy Fountain and bringing the required materials such as client, diamonds, rupees etc.

Here are the steps to upgrade the Diamond Circlet in TotK.

  1. First, you must buy or find the Diamond Circlet. You can either buy it or find it in a hidden chamber.
  2. Then find the Great Fairy Fountains and pay them a fee to unlock their services. There are four different Fairy Fountains; each one can upgrade to a different tier.
  3. You will need to find the Great Fairy Fountains in Kakariko Village, Tabantha Frontier, Gerudo Desert and Akkala Highlands to upgrade Diamond Circlet to a high level.
  4. Finally, bring the required material and upgrade it.
diamond circlet in totk
You can upgrade Diamond Circlet by paying for the services.

Each Diamond Circlet upgrade boosts your damage output. All four tiers have the Attack-Up effect.

Likewise, the upgraded stats of the Diamond Circlet for Tier 1 are;7 defenses; for Tier 2, 12 defenses; and for Tier 3, 18 defenses.

Furthermore, the fully upgraded Diamond Circlet i.e. Tier 4 has a base defense of 28 and a permanent Attack-Up boon.

Alternatively, upgrading Sages also help you in combat and exploration with their different abilities and potencies.

The Bottom Line

The Diamond Circlet is a superb choice for players who want to deal more damage and look stylish at the same time.

Upgrading Diamond Circlet will be a valuable and powerful strength to players throughout the playtime.

Enjoy the power of the most astonishing headgear, the Diamond Circlet!

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