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Gatling Gun In Helldivers 2: Stats And Features

The Gatling Gun in Helldivers 2 is a type of machine gun that can only be operated through the sentry.

Players recognize it as one of the most powerful Defensive Strategems, boasting a high fire rate.

You can use the gun to control enemies’ crowd as it blows a huge firepower with a high damage rate.

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What Is Helldivers 2 Gatling Gun?

The Gatling Gun is a heavy-duty weapon in Helldivers 2 that packs a serious punch to the enemies.

It’s a rapid-fire machine gun that can unleash a relentless hail of bullets, making it hard for enemies to stand in your way.

Whether you’re facing swarms of alien bugs or hordes of hostile robots, this gun is the best choice to deal with them.

Gatling Machin Gun
Gatling Machine Gun is an upgraded version of the normal Machine Gun Sentry.

There are 2 versions of Machine Gun Sentries in Helldivers 2.

  1. A/MG-43 Machine Gun Sentry: Players know it as version 1 and the standard version of the Machine gun sentry.
  2. Gatling Machine Gun Sentry: It’s known as version 2 an upgraded version of the normal Machine gun sentry.
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Key Features Of Helldivers 2 Gatling Gun 

A Gatling gun is not an actual gun that can be carried anywhere by players in the game.

In the game, the Gun is a standard sentry gun that requires a fixed location for placement.

Its heavy body houses a high quantity of 7.62-mm bullets, also renowned as some of the most potent ammunition available.

Some Key features of the Gatling Gun in Helldivers 2 are as follows:

1. Rapid-Fire Rate

One of the Gatling Gun’s most notable features is its rapid-fire rate which can shoot bullets up to 3,000 rounds per minute.

This makes players ideal for mowing down groups of enemies or suppressing incoming threats during intense firefights.

2. High Damage Output

Each bullet fired from the Gatling Gun packs a punch, dealing significant damage to enemy targets.

If you’re facing off against tough armored enemies, the Gatling Gun’s firepower ensures to defeat them.

3. Ammo Capacity

While the Gatling Gun chews through ammo at a rapid pace, it also boasts a generous ammo capacity.

The ammo capacity of this gun is up to 36 rounds, which means players can shoot 36 bullets without reloading.

4. Versatility

Despite its size and weight, the Gatling Gun offers surprising versatility on the battlefield.

Whether you’re laying down suppressing fire or providing cover for your teammates, the Gatling Gun is up to the task.

Stats Of Gatling Gun In Helldivers 2

The Stats of the Gatling Gun is a bit more advanced than the stat of Normal Machine Gun A/MG-43.

However, if your playstyle doesn’t involve staying in a fixed position to cover your team, then you might find this gun less appealing.

Stats Of Gatling Machine Gun
Gatling Machine gun cannot be carried as it a fixed sentry gun that blows a huge firing rate.

Therefore, if you prioritize safe playing over an aggressive playstyle, then you’ll find this gun to be a perfect fit.

Stats of the Gatling Gun in Helldivers 2 are as follows:

Gatling Gun Stats

Fire-rate800–900 rounds per minute
Capacity10 Barrels, 36 Bullets per ammo
Range3 Kilometers
Cooldown130 Secongs

How To Obtain Gatling Gun In Helldivers 2?

The Gatling Gun is an upgraded version of the normal sentry machine gun strategy named as A/MG-43 machine gun.

Players can immediately obtain this gun by purchasing it through Warbonds using Medals earned from missions.

You can also obtain it by using the Super Credits premium currency to trade with Warbonds and then unlock the gun.

However, first, you have to unlock the normal machine game Sentry and then upgrade it to version 2.

The version 2 is the Gatling Gun, which is a strategy that is better for dealing with high armored enemies.

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