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How To Obtain Mysterious Magnetism In HSR?

Mysterious Magnetism is one of the new trinkets from the version 1.6 update in HSR.

Moreover, the Curio is only obtainable in the Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears.

Mysterious Magnetism is a part of the Gold and Gears event that you can obtain by defeating elite enemies, participating in random events, entering the combat domain twice, and engaging in the Curio hacker occurrence.

Continue reading to learn more about ways to obtain the Mysterious Magnetism in HSR.

Mysterious Magnetism In HSR Version 1.6

Simulated Universe: Gold and Gears is an event that was released on version 1.6 in HSR.

In this event, you must complete the adventure mission Gold and Gears: Finale to unlock the new path of Erudition.

The HSR version 1.6 introduces 16 new Curios to the players in the latest update of Gold and Gears;

  • Wish Upon a Star
  • Price of Peace
  • Jellyfish on the Staircase
  • Rationality’s Fall
  • Indecipherable Box
  • Rotting Fruit of the Alien Tree
  • King of Sponges
  • Mysterious Magnetism
  • Organic Heart
  • A-Ruan Pouch
  • Sealing Wax of Erudition
  • Cognito Invalidater Codebuilder
  • Cognito Averagifier Communal Nexus
  • Ashheart Ciphertech
  • Revelrous Rainbow maker
  • Wildminder Machine Cell

In HSR, there are a total of 45 Curios that you must unlock by exploring different areas of the Simulated Universe.

All 45 curios are divided into four categories of Curio with different sets of objectives to obtain them.

Hence, the 4 types of Curious in HSR are Normal Curios, Error Code Curios, Negative Curios, and Infinite Curios.

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Process To Get Mysterious Magnetism In HSR

Among all four types of Curio Effect, Mysterious Magnetism lies under the Normal Curios type in HSR.

Thus, to obtain the Magnetism Curio, you must participate in random events and complete challenges.

Mysterious Magnetism HSR
Mysterious Magnetism is the new curio in the HSR 1.6 version that you can obtain by entering the combat domain twice.

In addition, various curios lie under Normal curios that you can obtain by defeating elite enemies in HSR.

The Pinkest Collision, Wish Upon a Star, Price of Peace, Rationality’s Fall, King of Sponges, etc are some normal curious.

1. Get Cosmic Fragments From Mysterious Magnetism 

When you enter a combat domain, the content of the Mysterious Magnetism Curio will change to that of an Elite Domain.

However, if you enter the combat or elite domains twice, the Mysterious Magnetism will get destroyed.

After the Magnetism Curio gets destroyed, it will scatter into fragments to give you 200 cosmic fragments.

Moreover, You can also choose the Miracle Cosmos Trailblaze Blessing to obtain the Normal Curios.

2. Get The Magnetism From The Occurrence Domain

In HSR Curio Hacker is one of the occurrences where players can choose Accept The Curio Mysterious Magnetism to obtain it.

Furthermore, occurrences are special events or situations that happen when you reach certain points after entering specific domains.

Once you go through an occurrence, its data records itself in the Index of Honkai Star Rail.

Curio hacker hsr
Curio hacker is one of the 88 occurrences in HSR that allow you to accept the magnetism curio.

Thus, you can get Stellar Jade as a reward and exchange 20 of it for each one, up to a total of 1,760 Stellar Jade.

Hence, to get the Curio hacker and obtain Magnetism Curio, go to the occurrence domain of the gold and gears mode in HSR.

Creators Of Mysterious Magnetism In HSR

The Riddlers created the Mysterious Magnetism to challenge the nature of knowledge.

Furthermore, the Riddlers worked hard to explore different aspects of knowledge to form the Magnetism Curio.

They combined the Fog of thought and the Rain of Sensation into a single prismatic lens for its creation.

Hence, the colors from this lens created a magnetic field that was able to disturb the senses.

Although the Riddlers were initially successful, they eventually stopped their research due to the uncertainty.

However, Magnetism Curio adds an element of experimentation to the stimulated universe of Gold and Gears in HSR.

The Bottom Line

The simulated universe in HSR engages players with occurrences and special events by introducing new curios.

Hence, you must explore specific domains of the simulated universe to obtain various curios of the 1.6 version.

Moreover, the Gold and Gear event gives you milestones and rewards you with Stellar Jade in the game.

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