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Is Help Zygg In The Swamp Bugged In Star Wars?

Players discover a mystery swampy realm in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor popularly known as Swamp Quest.

This quest may be bugged or glitched for some players, meaning they cannot complete it or trigger the dialogue with Zygg and Wini.

Players can help Zygg in the swamp bugged by ensuring they have all the required abilities to reach Wini’s Datapad in the viscid bag.
This article will discuss how you can help Zygg in the swamp and provide more information on whether it is bugged or not.

Who Is Zygg In Star Wars?

A character that needs your help to overcome challenges in a swamp is Zygg.

She is a female who has lived in remote frontier communities on Koboh, working as a mechanic.

In the center of an enigmatic swamp that promised adventure, Zygg set out on a mission.

Additionally, it is a gaming task where she has no idea that the marsh would present unanticipated technical difficulties and natural barriers.

Zygg In The Swamp Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Zygg in the swamp bugged in Star Wars.

Inconvenient bugs and glitches have suddenly invaded this game experience. 

Many players faced a situation where the objective marker didn’t update after talking to Zygg.

Players must overcome obstacles, figure out puzzles, and make choices that affect the game’s plot during this quest.

If you didn’t grasp the instructions the first time, the player could be utterly bewildered about what to do next.

Is Help Zygg In The Swamp Quest Bugged?

After numerous reports made by players about this topic, it has been scanned and spoken about.

It seems that the “Help Zygg in the Swamp” quest is bugged for some players in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The most frequent bugs hampering the performance are:

  • Save file corruption
  • Performance problems on PC
  • Game crashes and impacts
  • Flickering textures problem
  • Inability to use force pull ability
  • Visual issues with lightsabers
  • Problems with lighting effects
  • Glitches cause characters to go under the map

Common Bugs In Zygg’s Swamp

Players may discover that crucial quests or events do not begin as anticipated.

Additionally, these issues may significantly impact the overall gameplay experience, and some game aspects may differ slightly.

Some of the most common bugs encountered throughout these quests are mentioned below:

  • NPC pathfinding issues
  • Distorted sound defects
  • Failures of the mission
  • Various Graphical glitches
  • Deformed sound and audio bugs
  • Disappearance of goods and items
  • Texture flickering and rendering issues

Possible Solution To This Bug

Here are some possible solutions to this bug:

  1. Try to scan the datapad from different angles or distances.
  2. Try to reload a previous save file before scanning the datapad.
  3. Try to complete other quests or objectives and then return to the swamp.
  4. Try to uninstall and reinstall the game.

However, these solutions may not work for everyone, and some players may have to wait for a patch from the developers to fix the bug.

Players are encouraged to report bugs they encounter to the developers, as this feedback is invaluable in improving the overall gaming experience for everyone.

How To Help Zygg In Star Wars?

Players must complete a rumor mission called Help Zygg in the Swamp to help Zygg and return to the Koboh region.

Helping Zygg includes two steps which are given below:

1. Reaching Meditation Point

Follow the steps below to reach Meditation Point:

  1. Players must locate a small hut in that designated area.
  2. Inside the hut, you will meet Zygg and then chat; she informs you about a lost datapad carried away by a bird.
  3. Then, you must head towards the Meditation point.
Meditation point
Meditation point in the Swamp Quest.
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2. Acquiring Datapad

You need to scan the datapad with BD-1 and return to Zygg and Wini to complete the mission.

Again, after reaching Meditation Point players must acquire the datapad following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Players must use Force Lift (RB + Y) to raise a platform.
  2. If players don’t have Force Lift, they continue with the main story until they acquire the ability; it may take about one or two additional hours.
  3. Players must look back at the hut and the fallen platform from the Meditation Point.
  4. Afterward, they must use Force Lift to raise it again.
  5. Then, they must cross the platform to reach the Datapad’s location. Its location might be approximately 20 meters from Zygg.
  6. Finally, they must acquire the datapad.

What To Do After Acquiring The Datapad?

After acquiring the datapad in Star Wars, you can do different things depending on which game or story you are playing. 

  1. The players should let BD-1 scan the received Datapad.
  2. After scanning, players must return to Zygg to complete the quest.
  3. The Datapad is destroyed, and Zygg offers to repair it at Pyloon’s Saloon.
  4. Wini then joins the group and becomes an enduring resident at the bar.
Wini's datapad discovered
Players will discover Wini’s Datapad in the Swamp Quest.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, players encounter difficulties in completing the quest “Help Zygg in the Swamp,” which is bugged.

Moreover, the bug prevents the objective marker from updating and the dialogue from triggering after scanning the datapad.

Through a diverse perspective analysis, players can adopt various strategies to navigate these obstacles.

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