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Discover 8 Hidden Building Blocks In Enshrouded

Building Blocks are the blocks of resources that are used to create walls, roofs, and many more in Enshrouded.

These blocks are like puzzle pieces with a basic idea to form the foundation of something bigger.

Discovering 8 Hidden building blocks requires exploring various locations and completing quests.

Further, more than 8 hidden blocks throughout the world of Enshrouded are still to be discovered.

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What Are Hidden Building Blocks In Enshrouded?

The hidden building blocks in Enshrouded refer to the unique blocks that are rare to find in the game.

Building blocks are the essential items in the game to create buildings, bases, and other things.

Further, they can enhance your base and unleash your creativity in the game.

Building Blocks In Enshrouded
Building blocks are the resources that are used to build various buildings and houses.

Hence, finding a variety of blocks makes your creation unique; some might have special glows.

Players can obtain these blocks by completing quests, exploring hidden locations, or crafting them with materials. 

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Locations To Find Hidden Building Blocks

With these amazing building blocks at your disposal, you can create stunning bases in Enshrouded.

Whether you’re going for a castle vibe or a modern fortress, these blocks offer endless possibilities for customization.

Hence, finding these blocks would add a special interest to your advantage and impact the game.

Here are all the locations to find 8 hidden building Blocks:

1. Bone Block

The bone block is a unique building block that players can unlock by interacting with a grave in a hidden tomb.

In addition, the tomb is located near the Ancient Spire Springlands.

Bone Block
You need to go to the center location of the hidden tomb where you will find this grave.

After reaching the hidden tomb you have to go all the way down where you can find the Grave.

2. Half Timbered Block

To obtain this block you should travel Ancient Spire Revelwood and glide towards the south-west direction.

Then, you will find a Carpentry Camp and go to a location named Diadwyn, where you will find a chest.

Half-timbered hidden building block in Enshrouded
Make sure the location of the spot by checking the map indicating it as Diadwyn.

3. Limestone Block

To acquire this block, players must travel to the southern part of the road near the Sudat Rest.

In a small house, you will find a chest containing the limestone block.

Furthermore, players can also craft the Limestone Block using stone and dirt.

Limestone Block
Find the small house at the Sudan Rest, and beneath the level of the house, you will find the chest.

4. Regular Stone Block

The regular stone block is a block that players can obtain by completing the ‘Mixed Stones’ quest near the Ruined Bridge.

Therefore, players can craft this block, perfect for creating sturdy structures, by using 15 stones.

Regular Stone Block
Complete the quest to obtain the block in Eshrouded.

5. Desert City Wall

To obtain this block, players need to complete the ‘Fortification‘ quest.

Hence, they acquire the castle wall stone block from the Mining Rift southeast of the Imperial Gardens.

Desert City Wall
Be careful of the creatures along the way, and make sure to gear up and be well-equipped with good weapons.

6. City Wall Block

Players can obtain the City Wall Block by completing the quest called ‘A Tower to the Stars.’

So, you need to go to Fawnson Frontier near the bridge of the tower and search around and you will find a chest.

City Wall Block
Complete the quest and make sure to pay attention to the surprises during the exploration.

7. Luminescent Block

For the Luminescent Block, the best farm would be the Abandoned hunter camp in the north-west direction.

Further, there you can find the Luminous farm and farm the resources to make the Luminescent Block at the workbench.

Luminous Farm
Visit the location to farm the luminous as much as you want and create the Block using the Workbench.

8. Castle Wall Stone Block

Similarly, completing the Fortification quest allows players to obtain the Castle Wall Stone Block.

Therefore, you need to visit the Mining Rift, southeast of the Imperial Garden where you will find a chest.

Castle Wall Stone Block
Use the glipnier to grip the hook or glide straight to the crane to obtain the chest.

Thinking Creatively About Building Blocks

Enshrouded is all about your creative way of thinking and building things with unique and efficient ideas.

The building blocks in the Enshrouded are not just for stacking or storing in the base to show off.

Instead, make towers or houses, and use them to build a spaceship, a dragon’s lair, or even a time machine.

Hence, everything can work in the world of Enshrouded and all you need to do is take the initiative to start the process.

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