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Explore Horror From The Deep In OSRS

Horror from The Deep is an exciting quest famous among players of Old School Runescape(OSRS).

Further, in 2024, the quest still remains loved and players have been wondering about the steps to complete it.

To complete Horror from the Deep in OSRS 2024, start talking to Larrissa, repair the broken bridge, investigate the lighthouse, follow Jossik’s journal instructions to unlock the mysterious door, and defeat the Dagannoth Mother in a colorful battle.

In this article, we will discuss how to complete Horror from the Deep in 2024.

What Is Horror From The Deep In OSRS?

Horror from the Deep is an engaging quest in OSRS that captivates players with its intriguing storyline and challenging tasks.

In this quest, the once-operational lighthouse has mysteriously ceased to function.

Moreover, the lighthouse protected Kandarin’s north-western coastline, and its keeper, Jossik, has also vanished.

Players embark on a journey prompted by a plea from Larrissa, to uncover the mysteries beneath the lighthouse.

Overall, the quest offers a rich blend of lore, combat, and exploration in the vast world of OSRS.

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Horror From The Deep OSRS In 2024

In 2024, the Horror from the Deep Quest in OSRS maintains its engaging storyline and challenging gameplay.

Completing this quest can be a task for many, so follow these steps one by one:

1. Start The Quest

Firstly, start the quest by talking to Larrissa, found outside the Lighthouse north of Barbarian Outpost.

She informs you that her boyfriend, Jossik, the lighthouse keeper, is missing and you must agree to help.

Moreover, Larrissa also mentions her cousin Gunnjorn might have a spare key.

larrissa speak
You must speak with Larrissa to start the quest.

2. Repair The Bridge

You should head to Barbarian Outpost and talk to Gunnjorn, who’s practicing Agility.

Further, convince him to give you the lighthouse key. After that, grab two planks from the Barbarian Outpost.

bridge osrs horror from the deep
You must repair the bridge and then cross it.

Then, return to Larrissa, and you will learn that the bridge is broken due to a storm.

Further, repair it by using planks and nails and then cross the bridge.

3. Guard The Lighthouse

There Larrissa asks you to enter the lighthouse to find Jossik.

Enter the lighthouse and investigate the smashed furniture and bloodstains and follow these steps:

  • Head upstairs, and check the bookcase for Jossik’s journal, revealing eerie occurrences.
  • Read the journal to learn about strange noises and the metal door.
  • Then, head to the top floor and read the lighthouse manual.
  • Troubleshoot the Lightomatic Deluxe 500 using molten glass and swamp tar. Light the tar with a tinderbox.
  • Return to Larrissa, who urges you to find Jossik.
lighthouse osrs horror deep
You must guard the lighthouse to uncover more clues.

4. Find The Key

Descend into the basement, where you will find the mysterious metal door.

Likewise, follow these steps after you find the door:

  • Follow Jossik’s journal instructions.
  • Use elemental runes (fire, water, earth, and air), a sword, and an arrow on the door.
  • It unlocks, revealing a sea cavern.

5. Enter The Door

After that, go through the door and there you will meet Jossik.

Further, you must prepare for a fight and follow the steps given:

  • Defeat a level 100 Dagannoth.
  • Jossik mentions they are offspring, and a stronger Dagannoth Mother appears.
  • Prepare for a battle and the Dagannoth Mother changes colors, each requiring a specific attack.

You must then defeat her to receive a rusty casket and the quest will be completed.

Rewards From The Horror From The Deep Quest

You can get the following rewards after you have completed the quest:

1. Experience Points

After finishing the quest, players can receive different experience points.

  • Magic: 4,662.5 experience
  • Strength: 4,662.5 experience
  • Ranged: 4,662.5 experience
  • 2 Quest Points

2. Damaged Book

Choose a damaged book of your choice. Once completed, it becomes:

  • Holy book (Saradomin)
  • Unholy book (Zamorak)
  • Book of balance (Guthix)

Then, you can also purchase additional damaged books from Jossik for 5,000 coins each.

3. Access

  • Access to the Lighthouse general store.
  • Access to the Dagannoth caves underneath the Lighthouse.
  • Dagannoth’s Mother becomes accessible in the Nightmare Zone.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Horror from the Deep in OSRS is an engaging quest where players investigate the sudden dysfunction of a lighthouse.

Upon successful completion, players earn significant experience points and other valuable rewards.

They will also gain access to new areas like the Lighthouse store and Dagannoth caves.

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