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How Often Can You Farm Dragons In TotK?

In Tears of the Kingdom, the four dragons rule the Hyrule Kingdom with priceless and rare materials.

Players farm dragons for those materials in TotK, which helps upgrade armor, craft elixirs and change the overall gameplay.

However, after you farm a material from any of the dragons, it will lose its glow, and you can only farm the materials after the dragon regains the glow. The time for the dragon to regain its glow is about 10 minutes in real life.

In this article, you will learn how often to farm dragons and ways to farm them properly in TotK.

How Can You Farm the Dragons?

You can find four dragons roaming around Hyrule, which are Naydra (Ice-Dragon), Dinraal (Fire-Dragon), Farosh (Electric-Dragon) and Light Dragon.

In Tears of the Kingdom, learning to farm materials from dragons is crucial.

But before farming dragons, you must find all the dragons that roam around different parts of Hyrule.

Furthermore, you can farm five dragon parts from every four dragons, which include scales, spikes, claws, fangs, and horns.

1. Farm Dragon’s Scales

You can obtain the Dragon’s scales by hitting anywhere on the body with a weapon.

However, if you particularly want the scales, avoid hitting the Dragon’s mouth, feet or horns.

how often can you farm dragons
You can obtain dragon’s scales by hitting anywhere in the dragon.

2. Farm Dragon’s Spikes

You can manually pick the Dragon’s spikes that are present near its spikes.

Furthermore, you don’t have to hit on the Dragon’s spikes to get this material; it is a new item that wasn’t available in Breath of the Wild.

how often can you farm dragons
You can manually pick the Dragon’s spikes.

3. Farm Dragon’s Claws

You can farm the Dragon’s claw by hitting any of the Dragon’s feet or hands.

Furthermore, farming the Dragon’s claws is by far the most tricky item to farm, but you can easily acquire it with practice.

claws of the dragon
You can obtain Dragon’s claw by hitting Dragon’s feet or hands. (Source: Polygon)

4. Farm Dragon’s Fangs

The Dragon’s fangs can be acquired by hitting the mouth of the Dragon.

If you hit the upper part of the jaw, you’ll receive Dragon’s scales, so try hitting the lower part.

Hitting the mouth of the Dragon
The Dragon’s fangs can obtain by hitting the mouth of the Dragon (Source: Polygon)

5. Farm Dragon’s Horn

Dragon’s horn can be farmed by hitting the horn of the dragon with a weapon or a melee.

First, make your way to the head of the dragon, and the horn will drop on the spot after you hit it.

horn of the dragon
Dragon’s horn can be farmed by hitting the horn.

Moreover, sometimes the items might fall from the dragon’s body, and you can pick them up mid-air or when it falls on the ground.

How Often Can You Farm Dragons In TotK?

The materials you get from farming the four dragons in TotK are valuable and rare.

You might often need those materials to upgrade your armor, craft elixirs, and fuse combinations.

Furthermore, when you go farming materials from the dragons, you might notice that you can only obtain items when the dragons are glowing.

dragon glowing vs dragon with dull glow
The dragon’s horn and hair glow when ready to give materials.

You have to wait until the dragon glows again to obtain materials.

Moreover, when you obtain some materials from any dragon, the glow will be dull, and you have to wait about 10 minutes before it finally glows again.

In Tears of the Kingdom, 5 minutes is approximately 5 seconds in real life.

Likewise, every material from the dragon can be farmed after waiting for 10 hours in the game, which is 10 minutes in real life.

If you pause the game, you’ll also pause the hidden timer of the game, so be aware when you pause the game during farming dragons.

However, spikes of dragons don’t respawn after 10 minutes like the rest of the materials.

For the spikes, you have to go to another place after obtaining the spikes and return to the dragon again, and the spikes will be respawned.

Perks Of Farming Dragons In TOTK

Farming dragons is an important aspect of the game, as it allows you to obtain rare and valuable materials.

Here are some of the perks of farming dragons in TotK:

  1. You can use dragon parts in cooking recipes to increase the effectiveness and duration of buffs, such as fire resistance, cold resistance, shock resistance, or healing.
  2. You can fuse dragon parts to your weapons to give them powerful elemental effects that are not found elsewhere, such as fire, ice, electric, or healing.
  3. You can trade dragon parts for rupees, which are the currency of the game. Dragon parts are very expensive and can help you buy items, equipment, or services.
  4. You can use dragon parts for shrine quests, which are puzzles that reward you with spirit orbs. Spirit orbs can be exchanged for more health or stamina at goddess statues.
  5. You can use dragon parts for armor upgrades, which improve the defense and special abilities of your clothing. Some armor sets require dragon parts for their final upgrade.

The Bottom Line

The five dragon parts, scales, spikes, claws, fangs, and horns in TotK, are valuable materials.

Furthermore, you can farm those materials by hitting on specific parts of the dragon’s body besides the dragon’s spikes.

However, you can only farm those materials when the dragon glows once in 10 minutes.

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