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What Is The Gloom Hands Weakness?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has introduced a new enemy called the Gloom Hands in the game.

Gloom Hands spawn from Gloom areas and can defeat the players easily. However, the Gloom Hands have a high weakness to Elemental Damage.

Gloom Hands are a new monster native to the Tears of the Kingdom, which can be a formidable foe. However, their primary weakness is the Elemental damage, making defeating them easier. 

Continue reading to learn more about Gloom Hands, their weaknesses, where to find them and how to defeat them.

What Are Gloom Hands Weaknesses?

The Gloom Hands comprise entirely of Gloom which has a red appearance and the shape of a Hand.

Moreover, the Gloom Hand is native to the Zelda-Tears of the Kingdom franchise.

Additionally, Gloom Hands spawn from a pool of Gloom. Contrary to how they look, the Gloom Hands are also exceptionally swift.

Gloom hands weakness
Gloom Hands is powerful in the Tears of the Kingdom.

Besides being swift, the Gloom Hands have an eye on their palm, which makes them look sinister.

Moreover, their main tactic to defeat the player is to swarm the player and reduce their hearts as fast as possible.

Furthermore, the Gloom Hand quickly moves toward the player, picks them up and squeezes them, dealing massive Gloom Damage.

Moreover, the players cannot recover from Gloom Damage using normal methods. Gloom Hand/Gloom Spawns expand the Gloom as they move.

However, Gloom Hands do have a fatal weakness. They are weak against any type of Elemental Damage.

Furthermore, it is preferable to use Fire Elemental damage because it has a damage-over-time effect.

How To Defeat Gloom Hands?

The first instinct when you meet a Gloom Hand should be to run. Gain High ground by climbing ledges or some form of a tower.

After gaining the high ground, you can wait until they de-spawn. However, when the Gloom Hand de-spawns, they leave a puddle of Gloom. 

The puddle of Gloom will respawn the Gloom Hands, and you will have to fight them again. 

But, if you want to fight the Gloom Hands, you must prepare well.

Prepare For Gloom Hand Before Fighting

Here are a few steps to prepare for the Gloom Hands;

  1. Climb to Higher Grounds.
  2. Equip Gloom Resistance Armor.
  3. Consume Sundelion Dishes if caught by Gloom Hands. They replenish your Gloom-inflicted hearts.
  4. Make Gloom Resistance Dishes and Elixirs from dark clumps.
  5. Kill all five of the Gloom Hands quickly.
  6. Run away if you have not done the proper preparation.

After, Proper preparation, defeating Gloom Hands should be a lot easier.

Kill Gloom Hands

Here are a few methods to kill Gloom Hands easily;

  1. Use Bomb Flowers; six should be enough to kill all the Gloom Hands.
Selection of Bomb Flower
Use six Bomb Flower
  1. Fuse Arrows with Chuchu Jellies.
Various Chuchu Jelly
Fuse Arrows with Chuchu Jellies.
  1. Fuse Arrows or Weapons with Elemental Like Stones.
  2. Fuse Arrows or Weapons with Elemental Keese Eyeballs.
Selection of Keese Eyeball
Fuse Arrows or Weapon with Keese Eyeball
  1. Fuse Magic Rod with Elemental stones or effects.
Different Magic Rods
You should fuse Magic Rods with Elemental Stones.

As you must have noticed, Gloom Hands are weak against Elemental Damage.

Thus, stacking Elemental Damage is the best method to defeat the Gloom Hands.

Moreover, players should defeat all the Gloom Hands at the same time. Once you have beaten all the Gloom Hands, a Phantom Ganon will spawn in their place.

Where To Find Gloom Hands?

Gloom Hands can be found mainly around Hyrule Forest and Castle Areas.

Map Locations to Find Gloom Hands
Gloom Hands can be found near Hyrule Forest and Castle areas.

Here is a list of areas where you can find the Gloom Hands;

  1. Lindor’s Brow Cave
  2. Great Deku Tree Chasm
  3. Mekar Island
  4. Hollow Tree Stumps at Crenel Hills
  5. Hyrule Castle Docks
  6. Kolomo Garrison Ruins
  7. Tree Clump Northeast of Eastern Abbey
  8. Mount Lanayru
  9. Ordorac Quarry
  10. Akkala Citadel Ruins

The Bottom Line

Gloom Damage is deadly for all players, and very few monsters deal with Gloom Damage.

Also, dealing with those monsters is possible, but you must be cautious.

Hopefully, this article helped you better understand Gloom’s Hands, their weaknesses, where to find them, and how to defeat them.

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