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How To Get Silver Lynels To Spawn?

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Silver Lynel is one of the majestic creatures with aggressive nature and maximum hit points.

You can get rare items and valuable loot from Silver Lynels, so players are looking for locations where it can be found.

Furthermore, the Silver Lynels spawn in different locations, most likely around the Lightroot, Wetlands and Observation Decks. However, you must defeat lower-tier variations of Lynels before the spawn of Silver Lynels.

But do the Silver Lynels respawn after you defeat them?

Continue reading to learn about the spawn locations of the Silver Lynels and when the Silver Lynels respawn again.

Spawn Locations Of Silver Lynels

The Silver Lynel is the strongest among the four variations, with an HP(Hit Points) of 5000 and an attack power of 120.

You can find Silver Lynels in different locations across the map, but they won’t spawn until you have defeated other Lynels.

Furthermore, in TotK, you must defeat the three variations, Lynel, Blue-Maned Lynel, and White-Maned Lynel, before the Silver Lynel will spawn.

The spawn location of the Silver Lynels is marked on the map below.

how to get silver lynels to spawn
You can find the Silver Lynels in the location marked on the map.

Moreover, you can follow the table below for the exact coordinates of the location.

West of Faron sea-0619, -3788, 0051
Towards east of Tama pond2748, 1800, 0304
Near Lanayru Wetlands2514, -0515, 0013
Near Kimakarut Lightroot-2761, -2243, -0483
South of Uihcoke Lightroot1039, 1134, -0474
At Muihcoro Lightroot-1604, 2540, -0683
At Camobatures Lightroot-0186, 1147, -0516
South-West of Ui-ihcoj Lightroot4298, 2794, -0584
Excatly at Korakut Lightroot0915, -0251, -0481
West of Ancient Observation Deck1543, -3544, -0512

The Lootward channel posts a detailed video about the locations of the Silver Lynels.

In addition, in the floating coliseum, you will fight against five Lynels; the 4th and 5th will be Silver Lynels.

After defeating all five Lynels, you will be rewarded with the Majora’s Mask.

How To Get Silver Lynels To Spawn In TotK?

Any creatures in TotK will respawn after a complete blood moon.

The different variations of the Lynels will also respawn after you defeat them per each blood moon.

defeating silver lynel
The Silver Lynels will also appear after you defeat them per each blood moon.

However, you must defeat all three variations of  Lynels and have defeated enough Lynels to spawn Silver Lynels.

Furthermore, this way of getting Silver Lynel spawn can be time-consuming so you can try another way.

Another way to get Silver Lynels to appear is through the Floating Coliseum on each blood moon.

In the Floating Coliseum, you get to battle with two Silver Lynels because during every five battles with Lynels, the 4th and 5th are always Silver Lynels.

What Do You Get After Defeating Silver Lynel?

When defeating the Lynels, you can get some valuable and rare items. You’ll receive different items when defeating different variants of Lynels.

Furthermore, you can get the following items after defeating the Silver Lynel.

  • Lynel Hoof and Bow
  • Arrows
  • Silver Lynel Saber Horn and Mace Horn
  • Savage Lynel Shield and Bow
  • Royal Broadsword
  • Large Crystallized Charge

The Bottom Line

The Silver Lynel is a fierce, aggressive creature that can get you valuable items after defeating them.

Furthermore, the Silver Lynels spawn in different locations around Hyrule on every blood moon.

You will also encounter two Silver Lynels in the Floating Coliseum, which respawn on every blood moon.

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