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How To Become Class One Citizen In Starfield?

A Class One Citizen in Starfield is a member of the United Colonies‘ highest level of citizenship.

They receive the most significant advantages, including the best housing, healthcare, and education.

The Class system in Starfield is One of the primary sources of conflict and tension in the game’s story and world. Moreover, you can become a Class One Citizen in Starfield by joining the Vanguard.

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Introduction To Class One Citizen In Starfield

A Class One Citizen has the highest rights and privileges in the United Colonies. It is the biggest and most powerful civilization of humans.

The home planet of humanity and the seat of the UC, Earth, is the place of birth of a Class One Citizen.

A Class One Citizen gets access to the best opportunities, education, healthcare, and technology in the UC.

Moreover, they also command considerable respect and influence in UC politics and society.

Furthermore, a Class One Citizen is compared to Citizens from other Classes, such as Classes Two, Three, or Four.

The planet of birth, the distance from Earth, the socioeconomic standing, and the alignment with the ideals and interests of the UC all have a role in determining these Classes.

Additionally, Citizens have fewer rights and privileges; they lower their social Class.

For example, Class Four may be born in a remote, impoverished, disobedient outer colony.

In the UC, a Class four person has limited access to necessities like protection and services.

Additionally, a Class Four Citizen has little respect and influence in UC politics and society.

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Steps To Become a Class One Citizen 

By joining the Vanguard, you can acquire the status of Class One Citizen of the United Colonies in Starfield.

It is a volunteer army that guards the faction’s frontier.

You’ll need to speak with Commander John Tuala in New Atlantis’ MAST neighborhood to show your commitment and abilities and perform several objectives.

Here are a few missions that you must complete;

1. Finish The UC Vanguard Questline

Although this quest line is lengthy and challenging, completing it is necessary to become a Class One Citizen.

Moreover, the quest line leads you across the galaxy and requires you to carry out various activities. 

Those activities include touring historic sites, fending off pirates, and resolving political conflicts.

2. Complete All Main Quests

You must finish all of the primary quests in Starfield in addition to the UC Vanguard questline.

This way, you can increase your character’s skills and talents while learning more about the galaxy’s past and lore through these tasks.

3. Speak To Zora

Speak with Zora at Aphelion Realty in New Atlantis once you have finished the UC Vanguard questline and all the main quests.

class one citizen starfield
Zora leads your way to the Penthouse Apartment.

She will provide you with the keys to The Penthouse, a sumptuous residence in New Atlantis’ Mercury Tower, the tallest structure.

Benefits Of Being a Class One Citizen In Starfield

Some of the benefits of being a Class One Citizen in Starfield are:

  • You get a free residence in New Atlantis, the United Colonies’ capital city. The Penthouse is in Mercury Tower, a luxury residence that can serve as your headquarters.
  • You receive a respectable sum of money as a reward for finishing the “A Legacy Forged” mission, which entails fending off the Terrormorph menace.
  • In New Atlantis, you can access upscale stores, services, and amenities only open to Class One Citizens.
  • You can purchase robust and rare stuff, upgrade your ship and gear, and enjoy various entertainment opportunities.
  • The United Colonies’ Council and other groups recognize and acknowledge you. Depending on your actions, you can affect the UC’s political and diplomatic decisions and make allies or enemies.
  • You can participate in more difficult yet lucrative missions that will influence the galaxy’s future.
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The Bottom Line

Becoming a Class One Citizen in Starfield is a challenging but rewarding experience.

It has a variety of advantages and is a symbol of success and status.

You will have more political clout, influence, and access to the most significant housing, healthcare, and education.

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