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Discover The Best Class B Ships In Starfield

Starfield gives you various ship options to choose from and modify different ships. The ships are categorized into classes A, B, and C.

Additionally, the ship with Class A is built for mobility, C for doing more damage, and B for All Round.

Starfield’s best class B ships include Space Ox III, Hoplite III, Crimson Fleet Reaper III, Crimson Fleet Banshee, and Shieldbreaker. Class B ships are balanced and have a particular portion of C and A class ships.
This article will discuss the details of some of Starfield’s best class B ships.

The Classes Of Ship In Starfield

There are three types of classes: A, B, and C. The A is the lowest class of the ship, while C is the highest class.

Class A ships are great with mobility, however, they lack power and have limited crew capacity.

B class lies between Class A and C, the middle-tier class ship with balanced performance.

Class B ships are mostly balanced ships in the Starfield.

While Class A is the top-tier ship with advanced technologies and Powerful weapons.

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What Are The Best Class B Ships in Starfield?

In Starfield, there are almost 75 ships.

The best class B ships are Shieldbreaker, Space Ox III, Hoplite III, Crimson Fleet Reaper III, and Crimson Fleet Banshee.

Here is a detailed breakdown of all these class B ships:

1. Shieldbreaker

Shieldbreaker is one of the best ships in Starfield. Additionally, it is listed as the best ship, along with other Class B ships.

This ship is considered a space pirate because it can quickly board other ships or transport goods.

It boasts a powerful laser, a large space jump capability, and a lot of space cargo. It is also quite maneuverable and can fly like a dream.

Best Class B Ships
This is the Shieldbreaker with its statues.

Furthermore, this ship can purchased from a New Atlantis vendor.

Here are the specifications of the Shieldbreaker:

Cargo Capacity2200
Cost265,443 credits

2. Space Ox III

The Space OX III is a model ship for goods transportation. It is significant with colossal cargo capacity and shielding.

You can buy Space Ox III from the Freestar Collection faction.

This ship can be purchased at Neon’s Ship Service Building.

It has a huge cargo capacity, a sizeable crew, and a moderate jump range.

Best Class B Ships
This is the Space Ox III with its statues.

It also features a unique design that is reminiscent of a bull’s head.

Furthermore, you must perform certain side missions for the Freestar Collective to find the Space Ox III.

You can begin by speaking with Rusty at the Bull’s Eye pub on Terra 2.

Here are the specifications of the Space Ox III;

Cargo Capacity2760
Cost250,000 credits

3. Hoplite III

Hoplite III makes it to the best Class B ship with an impressive fuel range of 800.

Furthermore, this ship has tons of hull and full shield protection that helps to participate and win the space fight.

Best Class B Ships
This is the Hoplite III with its statues.

This ship has two laser cannons and one missile launcher as weapons and a decent amount of shielding.

However, it does not have enough cargo space. Here are the specifications of Hoplite III:

Cargo Capacity200
Cost202,855 credits

4. Crimson Fleet Reaper III

You can purchase the Crimson Fleet Reaper III from the Crimson Fleet headquarters only after joining the faction.

In addition, this ship is an excellent replacement for the frontier ship.

It has a strong shield and 1160 cargo space, making it perfect for transporting goods.

Crimson Fleet Reaper III
This is the Crimson Fleet Reaper III with its statues.

However, the only downside of this ship is its fuel reserve of 140.

Here are the specific details of Crimson Fleet Reaper III;

Cargo Capacity2760
Cost233,602 credits

5. Crimson Fleet Banshee

Crimson Fleet Banshee belongs to the Crimson Fleet faction.

This ship is perfectly balanced in all characteristics. However, it would be best if you practiced before piloting this ship.

Crimson Fleet Banshee
This is the Crimson Fleet Banshee ship

Here are the specifications of the Crimson Fleet Banshee;

Cargo Capacity640
Cost:236,125 credits

How To Fly Class B Ship In Starfield?

Class B ships are the ships with the balance out performance and price.

They are less powerful than the Class C type Ships but more reliable than the Class C type ships.

Furthermore, players need to meet specific requirements before piloting the ship.

The requirement is to unlock the Piloting skill and rank it up.

With a piloting rank of fourth, you can purchase and fly various Class B ships.

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The Bottom Line

Space Ox III, Hoplite III, Crimson Fleet Reaper III, Crimson Fleet Banshee, and Shieldbreaker are the best class B ships In Starfield.

Class B is more balanced than Class A or B and perfect for playing peacefully.

Players can also get some Class B ships by completing missions and stuff.

Therefore, you can have the option to build a ship or purchase it.

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