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How To Break Lynel Armor In TotK?

Lynels are among the most formidable enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

For those daring enough to face them, there are a total of 34 Lynels to be discovered throughout the game.

However, there is a way to make them easier to defeat them by breaking their armor.

A powerful enough critical hit to Lynel’s head will cause it to fall to one knee and expose its vulnerability. Players can also quickly saddle the back of a Lynel at this point and repeatedly hit before being bucked off.

This article will show you how to break a Lynel’s armor in TotK using different methods and tools.

What Are Lynels?

Lynels are powerful and skilled enemies found in select locations throughout Hyrule.

Their skill in diverse combat methods is well-known.

It makes them a formidable challenge for even the most experienced adventurers.

Similarly, these terrifying creatures have existed in Hyrule since ancient times.

They are among the most dangerous monsters in the land due to their intelligence, tenacity, and piercing horns.

Moreover, their innate resistance to all environmental factors makes this worse.

Only very well-prepared people should attempt to take on a Lynel.

Some players avoid them altogether, while others seek them out for the challenge.

Where To Find Them?

Lynels are powerful enemies that can be found in various locations throughout Hyrule.

You can find them on the surface and the depths of Hyrule.

However, please remember that Lynels in the depths deal gloom damage, which can harm Link.

Like Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom also scales some enemies based on the player’s progress.

This means that the color of the Lynel that spawns in a particular location may vary depending on how far the player has progressed in the game.

If you want to farm Lynels, you can find five in the Floating Coliseum.

You can find Coliseum in the north of the Great Abandoned Central Mine in the Central Hyrule Depths.

Types Of Lynel Armor 

Lynel Armor is a new armor set that is made from the parts of Lynels.

There are four types of Lynel armor in TotK, corresponding to the four types of Lynels in the game.

  • Red Lynels armor
  • Blue-Maned Lynels armor
  • White-Maned Lynels armor
  • Silver Lynels armor

To get the Lynel Armor, you need to defeat Lynels and collect their horns, hooves, and guts.

Additionally, you need to find a special merchant who can craft the armor for you.

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How To Break Lynel Armor?

A Lynel will run circles around Link once it spots him, trying to attack with its weapon or charge with its body.

To break Lynel Armor in TotK, you need to use strong weapons or items that can deal enough damage to the armor.

You can try different methods, depending on your preference and resources.

Here are step-by-step guides to defeat or break Lynel’s armor.

  1. Firstly, pursue Lynel from behind, being as quiet as possible.
Approaching Lynel from behind
Link is pursuing Lynel from the back.
  1. When it sees you, pause, set the spring, and then leap on top of it. The Lynel will start attacking as soon as you get your weapon, perhaps with an arrow.
  2. Then, quickly pound the pavement and take off.
Jumping against Lynel
You can jump using your Fan weapon once Link notices you.
  1. When fighting a Lynel, glide down to a safe distance where you can see its health bar.
  2. Then, quickly draw your bow to slow down time and Firebomb arrows at the Lynel.
  3. Using the Mighty Lynel Bow, you can Fire multiple arrows at once. Otherwise, you can only Fire a single arrow.
Hitting Lynel with bombs
Link is hitting Lynel with bomb arrows.
  1. With continuous bomb firings, Lynel has become vulnerable, and its stamina and health level have decreased.
  2. Keep attacking Lynel continuously from each side while defending yourself against Lynel. Additionally, you can mount the back of the Lynel to hit it from behind.
Hit and break Lynel Armor
Link is continuously hitting Lynel to make it drop on its knee.
  1. Finally, Lynel is killed with a furious and cautious attack by Link.
Lynel Dead in totk
Lynel is down on its knee after a furious battle with Link.

This way, you can break Lynel’s armor, make Lynel drop on it, and collect various loots dropped after killing it.

The Bottom Line

You must be prepared when facing a problematic enemy like a Lynel.

Upgrading your armor can help protect you from Lynels’ powerful attacks, which can easily knock off multiple hearts in a single hit.

If you cannot upgrade your armor, you can cook meals or elixirs that boost your defense. 

Therefore, keeping a damage buff in your pocket is an excellent way to prepare for a Lynel fight.

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