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Three Headed Dragon TotK: How To Defeat Them?

The three-headed Dragon in the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) is a huge, towering Dragon with three heads characterized by a short temper.

These Dragons are fierce creatures and challenge opponents for many skilled warriors to defeat.

Moreover, they can create and manipulate lightning with their power.

Frightening Gleeok, the three-headed Dragon is one of the game’s most formidable foes in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Players attempt to defeat these three-headed Dragons by focusing on their obvious weak places.

Continue reading to discover more about the three-headed Dragon, its characteristics, and how to defeat them.

What Is A Three-Headed Dragon?

Three-headed Dragon in the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a traditional antagonist in the series.

These Dragons are called Gleeoks, and the heads of these Dragons are called Gleeok Heads.

Flame Gleeok three headed dragon
Three-headed flame Dragon in Zelda TotK.

Gleeoks are vicious creatures that inhabit Hyrule in several varieties.

They come in three variants: Frost Gleeok, Flame Gleeok, and Thunder Gleeok.

No matter how skilled the players are, they face a hard challenge; some Gleeok act as kings and search for strong opponents.

Characteristics Of Three-Headed Dragons

Gleeok makes three appearances and is vanquished in the same way each time.

Link must use the Sword to remove the beast’s heads individually.

They come as enormous Dragons with three heads and one eye on each in the Flame, Frost, and Thunder varieties.

In addition, these Dragons prevent opponents from close combat by using wing gusts to push them back.

The wing gust allows them to spray their various elemental attacks from a distance at their convenience.

Moreover, they fly to employ more potent elemental energy blasts when they are less healthy.

The King Gleeoks are improved versions with three heads that can each channel a different element: fire, ice, or lightning.

These have a triple threat of elements at their disposal, making them significantly more hazardous than their typical cousins.

What Are The Location Of Three-Headed Dragons?

In Tears of the Kingdom, you can find Gleeoks miniboss in a few locations.

However, it mostly patrols the sky over Faron, Hyrule Field, mountains, and highlands.

All of the locations where you can find the Gleeoks are mentioned below:

1. Thunder Gleeok

  • Faron Grasslands, Herin Lake South
  • Hyrule Ridge, Coliseum Ruins
  • South Akka; a Highlands, Akkala Citadel Ruins

2. Frost Gleeok

  • Gerudo Summit or Highlands, Gerudo Mountain
  • Biron Snowshelf, Hebra Mountains
  • Tabantha Tundra

3. Flame Gleeok

  • Bridge of Hylia, Lake Hylia
  • Rayne Highlands, Ancient Columns, Tabantha Frontier
  • Geudo Highlands, Spectacle Rock
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How To Defeat Three-Headed Dragons?

Gleeoks come in three different varieties, each with an elemental kind.

Thus, you should be ready before attempting to battle a Gleeok. They are highly challenging Dragons, and the encounters are high.

However, to stun the beast, a player must repeatedly shoot its eyes with arrows or other ranged weapons.

Then, they can attack each of the three heads on a Gleeok.

Players must always aim for the Gleeok heads because they are their weak points.

Additionally, players can fire arrows at its eye in particular to cause more damage to the mini-boss.

Battle with three-headed dragon
The player is combating Thunder Gleeok using Arrow trying to defeat it.

Additionally, you’ll need to finish a particular final phase depending on the kind of Gleeok you’re facing.

The greatest method for fending against these enemies is when dealing with a Gleeok kind, TotK deals with the opposing elemental damage.

For instance, a Flame Gleeok is vulnerable to freezing damage.

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The Bottom Line

The three-headed Dragon is a tough enemy, but with skill and courage, you can overcome it and save Hyrule from its wrath.

However, a few tactics can help defeat them despite how challenging and tough they are.

Hence, players can kill the Gleeok and gain access to the priceless prizes it drops by shooting arrows at its eyes and stunning it.

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