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Solve The Heart Not Showing Up Issue In Alan Wake 2

Many players are facing the issue of the Heart Not Showing Up in the Chest Freezer in Alan Wake 2.

Nightingale’s Heart is a crucial element in the game’s storyline that players must find to progress in the game.

If you miss specific story points or quests intertwined with the Heart, you may run into the issue behind the Heart Not Showing Up in Alan Wake 2. So complete in-game quest logs, task lists, or mission objectives and reload a previous save.

Continue reading to learn more about why the Heart Is Not Showing Up in Alan Wake 2 and How to fix it.

Where To Find Nightingale’s Heart In Alan Wake 2?

If you desire to uncover the Nightingale’s Heart in Alan Wake 2, you must venture into the game’s third chapter, The Heart.

Generally, you can find the Heart resting in the General Store of Cauldron Lake in the chest freezer kept in the backroom.

So, to get to the Heart, you must first enter the General Store, but be careful as you’ll face an ambush by a cultist.

General store where the Heart is
You can find the Heart resting in the General Store of Cauldron Lake in the chest freezer.

Furthermore, after you dispatch this threat by the cultist, you can proceed into the guarded room.

You can find the chest freezer that houses the Nightingale’s Heart opposite a shotgun cabinet in the room.

However, you cannot directly open the chest freezer as it requires a code for access.

Solving Alan Wake 2 Heart Not Showing Up  

If you haven’t done some profiling work on Nightingale in Saga’s Mind Place, the Heart will not appear.

Therefore, ensure you’ve been diligent in your detective work to access this essential item.

1. Complete All Milestones And Quest

The first step in resolving the issue of Nightingale’s Heart not appearing is to review your game progress.

Furthermore, you must progress far enough in the game’s story to trigger the appearance of Nightingale’s Heart.

In Alan Wake 2, some items are tied to specific story points or quests, so you must complete them to obtain the item.

Finding nightingale's heart
You must progress far in the game’s story to trigger the appearance of Nightingale’s Heart.

Hence, you must reach specific story milestones or complete quests intertwined with the Heart.

If the Nightingale’s Heart is absent in the chest, go back and complete all the side quests or milestones you have missed.

2. Complete Relevant Objectives To The Heart

In Alan Wake 2, the Heart quickly shows up upon completing missed objectives or tasks.

If the Heart is absent, you must review whether you have fulfilled your in-game quest logs, task lists, or mission objectives.

Furthermore, these logs often provide valuable hints and clues regarding the Heart’s location.

3. Investigate Your Surroundings Thoroughly

In Alan Wake 2, the more you explore, the more you find critical items or clues hidden in the game’s environment.

Thus, take your time to explore your surroundings thoroughly, paying attention to interactive objects, documents etc.

Moreover, you can investigate your surroundings for signs that offer hints on the whereabouts of Nightingale’s Heart.

4. Reload A Previous Save

There is a huge possibility that you have skipped vital events throughout the game for the Heart not to show up.

Besides, if you suspect missing an essential event or item earlier in the game, try reloading a previous save.

Hence, you can start replaying from that point to avoid missing any essential event or item required for the Heart.

Thus, this approach is the best way to cover skipped events in your quest to find Nightingale’s Heart.

5. Check For Game Updates

Sometimes, bugs or glitches can cause the Nightingale’s Heart not to appear in Alan Wake 2.

Hence, make sure that your copy of Alan Wake 2 is up-to-date with the latest patches and updates.

Additionally, game developers frequently release patches and updates to address bugs and glitches.

Therefore, updating the game may resolve any issues, including the missing Nightingale’s Heart in the Chest freezer.

6. Verify Alan Wake 2 Game Files

Furthermore, if you have corrupted or missing files, it could be the reason for the Heart missing in the game.

If you’re on a PC, verify the integrity of your game files through a game platform like Steam or Epic Games Store.

Thus, if you spot any damaged files, then delete them and reinstall the package again to solve the issue.

7. Replay Relevant Sections

Sometimes, replaying specific sections of the game may trigger the appearance of Nightingale’s Heart.

Hence, go back to the locations you suspect it should be and explore the surroundings thoroughly.

8. Seek Support From The Community 

If it fails even after you try all the options, it’s best to reach out to the game’s community forums.

Hence, developers or fellow players can provide specific guidance based on your situation.

The Bottom Line

You can solve the issue of the Heart Not Showing Up in Alan Wake 2 by exploring to fulfill all the skipped objectives.

With these steps, you can finally continue your journey through the suspenseful world of Alan Wake 2.

Hopefully, this article helps you with the Heart Not Showing Up and its possible solutions.

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