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Angel Cake In Disgaea 7: How To Get It?

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless features dozens of classes, but many must be unlocked.

Maiko class is one of the new classes that requires Angel Cake.

Players have two different methods to get Disgaea 7 Angel Cake: shopping in carnage mode or going to the item world and finding it. However, both methods can take a lot of time since the item is rare.

This article will discuss everything about Angel Cake and how to obtain it.

Introduction To Class In Disgaea 7?

In Disgaea 7, the game classifies the classes into two types: Humanoid Classes and Monster Classes.

There are more than 40 classes in the Disgaea, including monster types.

Each class has its own set of attributes, skills and stats.

Moreover, players need to unlock most classes to use in the battles.

While all of the class is unlocked from the quest shop. At the beginning of the game, players only have a handful of classes.

However, as you play the game and complete the quest, you can expand your list of the characters.

Unlock And Change The Class Of Character 

After you unlock a new class, you can change the character’s class at the Reincarnation chamber.

It will cost you about 100 mana, and you must select the reincarnation quality.

Furthermore, the character will revert to level 1 with its learned weapon and other skills.

Additionally, the character will keep the unique skill if reincarnated into the same class.

The Humanoid Classes include Warrior, Magician, Martial Artist, Clergy, Bandit, Ranger, and many more.

While Monster Class includes Orc, Undead, Horseman, Pincer Shell, Big Eye and many more.

In the recent update, the game has added a new Class Maiko and to unlock her, you need to Complete Maiko Green Room.

However, to do so, you will require a uniquely rare item called Angel Cake.

Nevertheless, players can use a few methods to get Angel Cake.

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How To Get Angel Cake In Disgaea 7?

Angel Cake is a rare item that helps to unlock Maiko Class.

However, getting it is not a straightforward task and requires lots of time since it’s rare.

disgaea 7 angel cake
Players are assigned to turn in the Angel fruit to unlock the Maiko Class.

There are two ways to get the Angel Cake, and it depends on the players which method they want to use.

1. Buying It From A Specific Shop In Carnage Mode

This method is guaranteed to get the Angel Cake.

However, it will cost you a lot of time since the Carnage mode is unlocked once you finish the game.

Once you finish the game, you must go to Chapter 6 and complete the quest. This will make the unlockable shop available for you.

Now, you can buy every item you require except the legendary spear.

2. Find Item World

In this method, you have to find an item in an Item World.

Players can go to any Item World it does not matter the rank or the level of the item.

After that change the current route to the mystery room route.

mystery room
Players have to navigate to an Item world and select the Mystery room route.

Upon reaching this place, you will eventually find a Shop or NPC selling the item.

However, it can also be time-consuming if you are out of luck.

In addition, you can deploy a research squad to improve the chance of finding Angel Cake.

The Bottom Line

In Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtuless, the developers introduced the new Maiko Class.

Players need to obtain a Rare fruit called Angel Cake to unlock the Maiko Class.

However, finding it may cause since the item is very rare.

Therefore, you can use high-level items like World Researcher to increase the chance of finding the Angel Cake.

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