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How To Find Bow Build In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 lets you customize your character with different archetypes, weapons, and skills.

Moreover, it allows you to explore a post-apocalyptic world of dangers and mysteries. 

The Bow build is a powerful and versatile build that can damage the bow and other firearms or wormholes. It also takes advantage of the Gunslinger, Hunter, or Invader perks and traits.

Continue reading to learn more about Bow build and its benefits.

What Is Bow Build In Remnant 2?

A Bow Build in Remnant 2 is a playstyle that focuses on using a bow as your primary weapon.

However, this playstyle enhances the bow’s damage, critical hit chance, and weak spot bonus with various skills, mods, and gear.

Bows are long guns that can be charged for increased damage and have a low sound profile, making them ideal for stealthy attacks.

Therefore, Bows have a high critical hit chance and deal bonus damage when hitting enemies’ weak spots, such as their heads or glowing parts.

non weakspot, remnant 2 bow build
Non-weak spot build focuses on maximizing critical damage.

Moreover, there are many possible bows built-in Remnant 2; however, two of the builds are:

1. Invader/Hunter Build

This build uses Invader and Hunter classes to combine wormhole and ranged skills.

Invader increases your evasion, stealth, wormhole damage, and wormhole cooldown.

Hunter boosts your crits, weak spots, speed, stealth, and range.

You can use the Royal Hunting Bow and Enigma Pistol for this build as your primary and secondary weapons.

2. Gunslinger/Hunter Build:

This build combines the Gunslinger and Hunter archetypes to boost your firearm and hunting skills.

Gunslinger increases accuracy, reload speed, Fire rate, damage, and ammo capacity.

Hunter is a skill that increases your critical hit chance, weak spot damage, and movement speed.

Additionally, it boosts your damage against unaware enemies and your damage based on distance.

You can use the Royal Hunting Bow and the Blackmaw AR-47 for this build as your primary and secondary weapons.

royal hunting bow, remnant 2 bow build
Royal Hunting bow has a high critical hit chance and bonus damage

How To Achieve Bow Build In Remnant 2?

There are specific steps to achieve the Bow build in Remnant 2.

However, by following the steps below, you will be able to create a character that can deal massive damage with the bow:

1. Choose Your Archetypes

Archetypes specify your base stats, skills, and perks.

Therefore, you can choose the Gunslinger and Hunter to boost firearm and hunting skills.

2. Choose Your Weapons

Weapons specify your combat style and damage output.

The Bow build uses Royal Hunting Bow and Blackmaw AR-47 as weapons to deal significant damage.

Royal Hunting Bow has a high critical hit chance, weak spot damage, low sound, and explosive arrows.

Therefore, it is suitable for sniping and using Gunslinger and Hunter perks.

Moreover, Blackmaw AR-47 has a high Fire rate, magazine size, and stability.

Further, It is suitable for close or medium-range combat.

blackmaw remnant 2 bow build
Blackmaw AR-47 is a long gun.

3. Choose Your Equipment

The Bow build uses Dragon Heart, Gunslinger’s Charm, Gunslinger’s Ring, and Firestone as equipment to enhance your stats and abilities.

Moreover, Dragon Heart heals you by 50%. Gunslinger’s Charm boosts your Fire rate, reload speed, weak spot damage, and recoil reduction.

You can use the Dragonheart.

Gunslinger’s Ring boosts your critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and reload chance.

Next, Firestone boosts your Fire damage, burn duration, and ignition change.

Further, Vestige of Power boosts your skill power, skill cooldown, and skill reset chance.

Additionally, Wax Sealed Ring boosts your explosive damage, blast radius, and extra explosion chance.

Finally, Range Finder shows your target distance and zoom level.

Benefits of Using Bow Build In Remnant 2

Bow builds in Remnant 2 have many benefits, depending on your playstyle and preferences.

Therefore, some of the benefits are:

1. Versatility

Bow builds can use different archetypes, traits, relics, and accessories to suit different situations and challenges.

Thus, engineers and challengers use turrets and gadgets, and Gunslinger and Hunter use fast and far-shooting.

Further, you can use different weapon mods and mutators to enhance your bow’s performance.

2. Survivability

Bow builds can stay safe from enemies and avoid taking damage.

Thus, you can use skills like Hunter’s Mark or Bulletstorm to mark enemies and deal more damage.

Further, you can use armor sets like High Noon or Bruiser to increase your armor and health.

Additionally, you can use relics like Dragon Heart to heal yourself or revive your teammates.

3. Fun

Bow builds are fun to play with, offering a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Moreover, you can snipe enemies from afar, unleash a barrage of bolts, or explode them with splash damage.

Additionally, you can experiment with combinations of archetypes, traits, relics, and accessories to create your unique build.

The Bottom Line

Bow build is a fun and effective way to play the action RPG Remnant 2.

Moreover, it lets you take advantage of the Gunslinger, Hunter, or Invader perks and traits.

Continue reading more to discover alternate ways to kill Shrewd and Ravager’s Mark in Remnant 2.
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