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How To Find Oracles Refuge In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Oracles Refuge is one of the many rare locations in Losomn.

Players can extract various rewards and puzzles inside the Oracles Refuge.

Remnant 2 Oracles Refuge is a location found on Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter. The Oracle of the Dran inhabits the Oracle Refuge. Upon reaching the Oracles Refuge, players should find the children and complete 12 events to unlock the inventories. 

Make sure to explore the article to locate the Oracle Refuge and unlock the prestigious inventories in Remnant 2. 

What Is Oracles Refuge?

Oracles Refuge is one of the locations in the Losomn area.

Moreover, Losomn is one of the four-end points of the Earth in Remnant 2. 

Inside the Losomn location, players can find Orcale of the Dran in Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter. 

However, when players are in Oracle Refuge, she won’t interact with you unless you find her children. 

Moreover, players can find the Oracle Quilt puzzle in only this single area. 

If players are able to solve the hard puzzle, they can extract  All Seeing Eye (Infinite use Consumable).

However, this puzzle is significantly hard to solve as it requires higher ability and lots of time to complete the events. 

Firstly, Players must discover the lost two Dran Children and again complete 12 missions.

How To Find The Oracle Children In Oracles Refuge?

To locate the lost Dran Children in Remnat 2, players need to follow the given steps, 

  1. Head towards the Brocwithe Quarter Via the Beatific Place at Losomn.
Brocwithe Quarter
Entering the Brocwithe Quarter via the Beatific Palace
  1. Eliminate all the enemies in the way and search for the first child by following the blue mark in the minimap.
Oracles Child event
Searching for the child by following the blue icon in the Minimap.
  1. Again kill all the enemies and head towards the blue icon on the minimap to locate the Second Child.
Oracle Child Remnant 2
Finding the Oracle’s second child in Brocwithe Quarter.
  1. Ensure the Children are safely returning, then visit the Oracle Refuge to interact with Oracle. 
Oracle Refuge Remnant 2
Visiting the Oracle Refuge after safely locating the Children.
  1. Grab the new trait Recovery granted by the Oracle.
Trait Recovery remnant 2
Pick up the recovery trait given by Oracle of the Dran. 

After finding the two children, players can finally have a conversation with Oracle in the Oracle Refuge.

Furthermore, Oracle can grant players the Patchwork Quilt where players have to complete 12 events.

The events include the Postulant event, The Nightweaver, Bloat King, Faelin/Faerin mission, and the Red Prince event.

After completing all 12 events, players can return to the Oracle Refuge to earn themselves an Infinite Consumable. 

Infinite Consumable
Obtaining the Infinite Consumable from Oracle in Oracle’s Refuge.

Infinite Consumable is a prestigious item that gives players significant advantages against Potent enemies in the battle. 

Players can use the item for unlimited time for character buff, increased damage, and various other features. 

The Bottom Line

Oracle Refuge is a location in Losomn, inhabited by the Oracle of the Dran.

Players can track the Oracles Refuge in Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter.

Lastly, upon reaching the Refuge players should find Oracle’s children and complete the events to receive exclusive items from her. 

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