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How To Get Elite Gigs In Bitlife Model Job Pack?

Many players wonder how to get Elite Gigs in BitLife as it is accessible to some people but not to everyone.

Players also suspect whether Elite gigs in Bitlife have a glitch however, there is no glitch as you must fulfill some criteria to unlock it.

The Elite Gigs in casting calls of your BitLife is greyed out because you have not met the criteria yet. Hence, you must complete five local gigs which will unlock the Elite gigs in Bitlife.

Continue reading how to get Elite gigs and become an elite supermodel in BitLife.

The Model Job Pack Elite Gigs In BitLife

The new Model Job pack introduces two modeling gigs for players in Bitlife.

The two modelling gigs are Local gigs and Elite gigs where elite gigs are not accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, Elite Gigs helps players to progress in the game and become elite supermodels.

Many celebrity models fall under the category of Elite gigs so it is not easily unlocked.

elite gigs
You must complete five local gigs to unlock the Elite gigs in Bitlife.

In Bitlife, players apply for modeling agencies under the local gigs and build their portfolios.

The modeling agencies under local gigs hire you if you give good answers to their questions about modeling.

Moreover, when the agency hires you, you will get details about salary, position, etc.

How To Get Elite Gigs In BitLife?

Bitlife players are curious and searching for ways to access Elite gigs in the new model job pack.

Furthermore, many players try their best to unlock elite gigs but there is a straightforward strategy to unlock it.

To unlock the Elite gigs, you must complete five local gigs and participate in casting calls.

1. Complete Five Local Gigs

First, you must model five times in local gigs as a model to unlock the Elite gig.

So go to the casting calls and open the Local Gigs section to apply for modeling jobs.

2. Apply For Modeling Agencies

In the Local Gigs section, you will find a lot of modeling agencies hiring models for work.

So, apply for these agencies and when they shortlist your application you must give appropriate answers to get the job.

You can see all the company details and their hiring requirements when you press on each agency in the local gigs.

3. Adjust Attitude Quirkness And Poise

To apply for the modeling job you must submit headshots initially in the BitLife Model Job Pack.

When the company asks you how you will model, you can adjust the poise and quirkiness to the highest.

However, adjust the attitude on the lower side to easily get the contract for modeling for most companies.

4. Take The Job For Five Modeling Agencies

The casting director of the company will offer you a modeling contract so press on and take the job.

Furthermore, model according to the needs and requirements of the company and give them a worthy photoshoot.

You must repeat the process with at least five companies and work with them according to their requirements.

Hence, you will start making a name for yourself in the modeling industry after successfully working with five local gigs.

5. Complete Contracts In  The Go-Sees Section 

The next step is to go to the Go-Sees section of the Bitlife model job pack and meet with casting directors to complete contracts.

In the Go-sees, your booking agent Alicia Charles will arrange a meeting with the modeling agency’s client.

Keep agreeing to the question in the Go-sees which will offer you the modeling gig.

Finally, your modeling agency will market you as one of their Elite Models in Bitlife.

elite model in bitlife
In the Go-Sees section, your booking agent will eventually announce to you the Elite model.

Hence, go to your casting calls where you will find your Elite Gigs are unlocked for you.

Now you can work with the internal brands as you are one of the Elite supermodels in Bitlife.

6. Fashion Gigs And Commercial Gigs

Once you unlock the Elite model status, you will gain access to Elite Gigs.

Furthermore, the Elite Gigs are divided into two categories: Fashion Gigs and Commercial Gigs.

You can model for any category you are interested in to progress in the field of modeling.

The monetary rewards for fashion gigs and commercial gigs do not differ significantly from the Local Gigs.

However, the satisfaction of unlocking the prestigious opportunities in Elite Gigs is the real reward.

The Bottom Line

Focus on engaging with in-game prompts during gigs that align with the preference of your modeling agency.

Furthermore, maximize your positive traits during your interactions with a modeling agency to impress your booking agent.

Hence, you will soon achieve the Elite model Status after completing the five local gigs in BitLife.

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