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How To Link Cargo Links In Starfield?

Players can link Cargo Links using a series of routes to transfer items in Starfield. 

Furthermore, the method allows players to seamlessly use all the resources they can find in various areas of the Starfield. 

Cargo links are a method of transferring items seamlessly and effectively in Starfield. However, the shortcoming of the method is that players cannot transfer items from one system to another. However, they can transfer items within the same system seamlessly. 

Continue reading to learn about the Cargo Link and how to link them together in Starfield. 

Cargo link is a method to transfer various materials and items from one outpost to another.

However, the outposts must be within the same planet or within the same system to transfer the items.

Players can create Cargo in their outposts, allowing them to store materials and other items, lowering the burden on their ships. 

However, players cannot make a Cargo Link that shares a link with multiple outposts.

However, players can create individual Cargo Links to link and transfer items to a single outpost. 

Thus, If players are trying to have a chain link going for the Cargo Link, then players can come across quite a lot of issues. 

This issue frustrates many players since it uses up a lot of their resources and takes up quite a time. 

But, even with the feedback, an improvement for the Cargo Link system seems farfetched for the game. 

However, players can expect a mod to solve this issue since the modding community is pumping out great quality-of-life mods for the players. 

We advise players not to depend completely on the modding community and provide more feedback to the developers.

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Linking the Cargo Links is quite simple in the game. However, the tricky part is linking multiple Cargo Links. 

Here we will discuss the steps for linking the Cargo Links and also linking multiple Cargo Links in Starfield: 

The first step is basically creating a Cargo link which forms a type of pad that can land a transporter on top. 

This transporter will transfer the goods between different outposts. 

Furthermore, you must also provide a power source to the link. The power source is normally Helium. 

Creating a Cargo Link costs two zero wires, 12 Aluminium, two beryllium and 20 Iron

Thus, you may need to gather substantial resources before creating a Cargo Link.

After creating a Cargo Link, various wires connect you to the Cargo containers within your outposts. 

You can select the items you want to transfer between the outposts here. 

create cargo links to transfer items
Players must create Cargo Links to transfer items from one outpost to another.

Connecting multiple Cargo links in the same system can be a bit tricky. However, it is simple with the proper information. 

Players must create multiple Cargo Links in the same area to connect/ link multiple Cargo Links to a single area. 

This allows Cargo to transfer directly to the destination via the starting point. 

This process is a hassle, but Bethesda will hopefully optimize it later. 

Players must remember these two important pieces of information when creating a Cargo Link to transfer items from one outpost to another.

connect multiple cargo links to a system
Use multiple Cargo Links to link to other Cargo Link systems on the planet.

The Bottom Line

Cargo Links can be quite confusing for newer players. Furthermore, it is confusing even for early-access players. 

However, many players are sharing the information in the forums to help new players properly utilize Cargo Links in Starfield. 

Furthermore, players must create their main hub in any system or planet to properly manage the Cargo Links. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in utilizing the Cargo Links to their fullest in Starfield. 

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