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Taranis Destiny 2: The Noble Ahamkara And His Wishkeeper

Destiny 2 is a game full of lore and secrets and one of the most intriguing mysteries is the origin and fate of the Ahamkara.

One of the mysterious Ahamkara is Taranis, the wish-granting dragons that once roamed the solar system.

In Destiny 2 S23, players can access the Starcrossed Exotic mission, which reveals the story of Taranis, an Ahamkara, and his relationship with Riven.

Continue reading more to explore everything about Taranis Destiny 2 and ways to complete the Starcrossed mission.

Who Is Taranis In Destiny 2?

Taranis was an Ahamkara, a species of cosmic beings that could manipulate reality by granting wishes.

Ahamkara was sought after by many factions, such as the Guardians, the Awoken, and the Vex, for their power and knowledge.

However, the Ahamkara were also dangerous, as they often twisted the wishes of their bargainers to their benefit.

This led to the Great Hunt, a campaign to exterminate the Ahamkara from the solar system.

He was a charitable and compassionate Ahamkara, who made safe and fair bargains with no strings attached.

Additionally, he was curious and fascinated by the Awoken, especially by their queen, Mara Sov, and her bond with Riven, another Ahamkara.

Taranis befriended Riven and they shared secrets, chased each other in the Gardens, and had a clutch of eggs together.

Furthermore, Taranis even invited Riven to his lair in the Black Garden, a mysterious realm where the Vex worships the Darkness.

Taranis and Riven were happy until the Great Hunt began.

He survived the Hunt, but Riven was taken by Oryx, the Taken King, and corrupted by his power.

Most of their eggs were also tainted by the Darkness, except for a few that Taranis managed to save.

Taranis then made a wish of his own, to protect his offspring and ensure the future of his species.

He wished for his eggs to be scattered across the Leylines, hidden from harm until someone worthy could find them and take care of them.

This wish, however, cost Taranis his life, as Ahamkara cannot feed on their wishes.

He sacrificed himself for his children and became the only Ahamkara who could be called noble.

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How To Complete Starcrossed Mission In Destiny 2?

The Starcrossed mission is an exotic quest that unlocks the Wish-Keeper bow in Destiny 2.

The mission requires the player to collect 10 Ahamkara eggs from various locations in the game.

The eggs are hidden in places connected to the Leylines, such as the Dreaming City, Ascendant Realm, the Moon, and Europa.

A faint humming sound and a purple glow can detect the eggs.

Starcrossed mission
This is the Starcrossed mission in Destiny 2.

After collecting all 10 eggs, the player can access the Starcrossed mission from the Director.

The mission takes place in the Black Garden, where the player has to track down the last egg that was stolen by the Vex.

The Vex have created a Mind that can simulate the Techeuns, the Awoken witches that serve Mara Sov.

It is used to infiltrate the Coil, a portal network that connects the Dreaming City to the Black Garden.

The player has to fight Vex and Taken, using pools of para-causal energy left by Riven and Taranis, to reach the lair of the Ahamkara.

There, the player will face Akardon, Pitiless Mind the Vex Mind that stole the egg.

Akardon, Pitiless Mind
Players must Defeat Akardon, Pitiless Mind.

After defeating Akardon, the player can claim the egg and the Wish-Keeper bow.

The mission also features a touching cutscene, where the player witnesses the last conversation between Riven and Taranis.

Taranis tells Riven that he made his last wish and that he can now rest in peace.

Complete the mission
Players can claim the egg and complete the mission.

The player then learns more about Taranis from Riven, who narrates his story and praises his nobility.

Riven also tells the player that they are Taranis’ Wish Keeper and that they have fulfilled his wish.

The Bottom Line

In Destiny 2, Taranis is one of the most interesting and tragic characters.

The mission is also challenging and rewarding, offering a new exotic weapon Wish-Keeper bow.

If you are a fan of Destiny 2, you should play the Starcrossed mission and become the Wish-Keeper of Taranis.

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