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How To Upgrade Champions Leathers In TotK?

Champions Leather is a legendary outfit by Princess Zelda, a customized sequel from the Breath of The Wild.

It is upgraded with a new shoulder piece made up of natural Leather.

To upgrade Champions Leathers, you need specific quantities of Silent Princess, Light Dragon and Sundelions. In addition, you should have a conversation with the Great Fairy Kaysa, which helps with the total Champion’s Leather upgrade.

However, upgrading the Champions Leathers is necessary once you acquire it.

Continue reading the article to discover how to upgrade Champion’s Leathers and its total cost.

What Is Champions Leather?

The Champion’s Leathers is not considered part of a set but an Armor piece. Additionally, Hyrule royalty puts on this tunic, an Armor piece.

The Champion’s Leathers Armor is a reward for you for completing the New Champion’s Tunic side quest.

Completion Of A New Champions Tunic For Champions Leather
Completion of a New Champions Tunic for Champions Leather.

You need to have enough materials to get the Champion’s Leathers.

Additionally, you must find Zelda’s secret room and reach the Hyrule castle for the Champion’s Leathers.

How To Complete New Champion’s Tunic Side Quest?

The Champion’s Leathers tunic is found inside the Hyrule Castle.

Once you complete the New Champion’s Tunic Side Quest, you will achieve the Champions Leathers.

Follow these steps to complete the new Champion’s Tunic side quest;

  1. Travel to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and dive into the sky with stamina upgrades, Tulin, or stamina-boosting foods.
Link gliding over Hyrule Castle
Link diving into the sky.
  1. Moreover, use the Zonai creation, an alternative to get up to the castle.
  2. Then, glide nearer to the castle’s waterfalls and swim up using Zora’s armor.
  3. After you reach the castle, land on the pathway leading into the castle and step directly in. This leads to Hyrule Castle’s Sanctum.
Sanctum Hyrule Field
Link at the Sanctum Hyrule Field
  1. Subsequently, follow the stairs guiding up to the throne and ignite the two pots with Fire Fruit or any other firing strategy.
Lightning of the pots
Lightning of the pots using the Fire fruit.

After you light the pots, the panel behind the throne exposes a small cavity where you will find the Champion’s Leathers tunic with the quest’s completion.

Completion Of A New Champions Tunic For Champions Leather
Completion of a New Champions Tunic for Champions Leathers.

Finally, the Champions Leathers is yours; however, you may want to upgrade it. 

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How To Upgrade Champions Leathers? 

Before you leave the Hyrule Castle docks, grab the Hylian Shield.

Follow these steps to upgrade Champions Leathers.

Step 1: Zelda’s Secret Room

  1. After you grab Hylian Shield, head towards the Tsutsu-um Shrine.
Tsutsu-um Shrine Location
Location of Tsutsu-um Shrine. 
  1. Land on the Tsutsu-um Shrine and then navigate towards the Great Fairy Fountain.
Great Fairy Fountain
You will find Link at the Great Fairy Fountain.
  1. Talk to the Great Fairy Kaysa, which is mandatory. After this, she will help you upgrade your Champions Leathers with an increment in defense level by one.
The Great Fairy Kaysa Upgrades the Champions Leather.
The Great Fairy Kaysa Upgrades the Champions Leather.
  1. Continue talking to her; she’ll ask you for the Champions’ Leathers upgrade. Cooperate with her, and she upgrades it increasing defense by two levels.
2 star upgrade champions leather
Fairy Kaysa Upgrades Champions Leathers
  1. You must resume talking to it until the Great Fairy Kaysa upgrades the Champions Leathers to its maximum level.
Upgrade Champions leather to its maximum level
Great Fairy Kaysa Upgrade Champions Leather to its Maximum Level.
The total Champions Leathers upgrade is four times, but you must cooperate with the Great Fairy Kaysa while talking.

The next step is to visit the Link’s House is essential. Before you take any step, trace the location of Link’s House, which will aid you later.

Location of link's House
Visit the Link’s House to upgrade Champions Leathers.
  1. Once you spot the location, turn left and head upwards using the paraglide. You will see a bridge leading to the Link’s House. 
  2. Then, get inside the house, and see around. There’s a Zelda’s Journal on the first floor which you must read.
  3. Afterward, head towards Zelda’s Secret Well and get inside it, 
Zelda's Secret Well
Link at the Zelda’s Secret Well.
  1. You’ll see Zelda’s secret room; scan it. You’ll see the next Diary of Zelda; it provides the location of the Hylian trouser, and don’t forget to use torches as the key.
Read Zelda's Next Diary
The Link reads Zelda’s second diary.
  1. Again, there is a New Champions Tunic quest that you must complete by visiting the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.
Champions Leathers upgrade
 Link at the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.
  1. Finally, visit the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower market and buy the Hylian Trouser.

Hence, the Champions Leathers are yours; use them wisely when required. 

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Champions Leathers Upgrade Materials

The upgrade in Champions Leathers after obtaining it makes your game more relishing.

However, you may be wondering about the Champions Leathers upgrade materials.

Subsequently, one can upgrade Champions Leathers up to Level Four with the upgrade materials.

Initially, it requires three Silent Princesses and two Light Dragon’s Scale.

In addition, for Level 2, you need three Silent Princesses, two Talons of Light Dragons, and ten Sundelion.

Moreover, for Level 3, you should have five Silent Princesses, two Fangs of Light Dragons, and fifteen Sundelion.

Finally, for Level 4, you should have ten Silent Princesses, two Horns of Light Dragons and twenty Sundelion.

Hence, these materials are required for the total Champions Leathers upgrade.

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The Bottom Line

The upgraded Champion’s Tunic involves the Champion’s Shirt and Champion’s Pants made up of Hylian Leather.

It would be best to use it as required because it boosts Link’s defense and resistance but reduces his movement speed.

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