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How To Obtain Uncut Moonstone From Thalmund RS3?

Uncut Moonstone is a recent addition to the world of Runescape 3 (RS3), creating curiosity and excitement among players.

Moonstones have become a hot topic of conversation within the RS3 community after their introduction in a new quest.

Players can obtain the uncut moonstones after completing the Housing of Parliament quest in Runescape 3.

Hence, upon completing this quest, players receive an uncut moonstone as a reward in RS3.

Continue reading to find out more about uncut moonstone in RS3 and other ways to obtain them in RS3.

What Are Moonstones In Runescape 3?

Moonstones are precious and rare gems in Runescape 3 that players can obtain through quest rewards, joining rituals, looting ghost implings, etc.

Furthermore, Moonstones are important gems as they are crafting components for various jewelry pieces that have unique abilities.

Currently, players can create four different pieces of jewelry with special abilities using the uncut moonstones which are as follows:

  1. Conjurer’s Raising Amulet: This amulet provides a 44 necromancy damage bonus and enhances the basic attack damage of conjured spirits by 5%.
  2. Passing Bracelet: This jewelry helps you to teleport to various locations within the city of Um, which makes it possible to move around faster.
  3. Ring of Imbuing: This jewelry increases rune yield by 10% when crafting runes and helps to gain economic benefits.
  4. Alteration Necklace: This jewelry boosts the power of alteration glyphs by 20% during necromancy rituals, which enhances ritual effectiveness.

How To Obtain Moonstones In RuneScape 3?

While moonstones can be obtained as a reward for completing the Housing of Parliament quest, there are other methods for acquiring them as well.

Players can obtain the uncut moonstones rarely by participating in ritual disturbances.

Similarly, players can also obtain the moonstones rarely by looting ghost implings in the city of Um from the drops.

Rituals and ghost implings for uncut moonstones in RS3
Players can obtain uncut moonstones from the Housing of Parliament quest and rarely from looting ghost implings and rituals.

But players can obtain the uncut moonstones easily from a merchant called Thalmund in Runescape 3.

Thalmund sells one uncut moonstone for 4000 gold in the city of Um.

This gives players another way to get more moonstones besides completing the Housing of Parliament quest.

Buying Uncut Moonstones From Thalmund In RS3

Thalmund’s shop offers players the opportunity to purchase uncut moonstones for a reasonable price of 4,000 gold each.

Furthermore, you can simply obtain the uncut moonstone by visiting Thalmund’s shop.

Hence, players can craft powerful jewelry with the help of the uncut moonstone by spending in-game currency in Thalmund’s shop.

This way of obtaining the uncut moonstone is convenient for players who don’t have time to engage in ritual disturbances.

While players also have slight chances of getting the uncut moonstone from looting ghost implings, Thalmund’s shop is easier.

Obtain uncut moonstone from Thalmund shop in RS3
Players can buy one uncut moonstone by paying 4000 gold to Thalmund from his shop in RS3.

Thalmund restocks moonstones weekly in his shop, and this makes his shop a reliable source of uncut moonstones for players.

Hence, Thalmund’s shop makes it easier for players to get moonstones weekly, even though they have to pay for them.

In addition, it is a beneficial way of accumulating uncut moonstones gradually over time.

Thus, players do not have to rely on random drops or quest rewards in Runescape 3 to obtain the uncut moonstones.

Does Thalmund Shop Affect The Game Mechanics?

Even though Thalmund’s shop is an easy way of obtaining the uncut moonstone, players are debating over it via Reddit and Steam.

Many players are discussing whether it’s fair or not for moonstones to be so easy to get from Thalmund’s shop.

On top of that the price to get the moonstone is also low in comparison to all the hard work they must do to obtain it from the quest.

Due to this, many players are speculating that this easy way of obtaining the moonstones might make them less valuable over time.

On the other hand, there are concerns about whether the benefits of moonstone jewelry are worth the cost of obtaining them.

In addition, some players are not happy with the number of bonuses they get from the moonstone jewelry.

They find the uncut moonstone does not justify the effort of the gold spent on obtaining them.

Hence, the Runescape community is divided on how Thalmund’s shop creates an imbalance in the game’s economy and gameplay dynamics.

Some players find it a convenient way of obtaining the uncut moonstones without any hustle and grinding.

Others are unhappy about the uncut moonstone being so easily available in a shop and making it less valuable.

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