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How To Recharge Master Sword In TotK?

One of the most iconic weapons, Master Sword in the Legend of Zelda series, plays a vital role in the most delinquent game, Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

However, the Master Sword is not indestructible and needs to be recharged and upgraded periodically.

You can recharge Master Sword in TotK by waiting some time and fusing with other materials such as dragon scales, lizalfos horns, lynel horns, diamonds etc.

In this article, we will learn step-by-step procedures on where to find and how to recharge Master Sword in TotK.

Where Can You Find Master Sword?

You can find many weapons in TotK, but none are more powerful than the Master Sword.

You will find Master Sword on the head of the Light Dragon in TotK. Light Dragon is white and yellow in color, and a blue aura radiates from the Master Sword in its head.

To pull out the Master Sword from the Light Dragon’s head, you need to have two full green bars of stamina.

In case you don’t have sufficient stamina, the Dragon will shake you off.

To retrieve the weapon, you need to walk toward Master Sword; once you are near, go forward and press the button prompt.

master sword on the head of light dragon
You can find a master sword on the head of the light dragon.

Additionally, you can find it by completing certain levels or missions, such as Finding All the Dragon’s Tears or Cleansing the Great Deku Tree.

You can explore where to find the Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom below.

How To Recharge Master Sword In TOTK?

Master Sword can break in TotK, but not permanently. It has a finite amount of energy that decreases when you use it.

When the energy runs out, it goes on cooldown, and you cannot use it until it recharges. It needs time to recharge after periods of extended use.

Additionally, you can upgrade Master Sword by fusing it with different materials and providing it with different damage bonuses and perks.

Diamonds and Black Boss Bokoblin horns are some of the best materials to fuse with Master Swords.

There are two ways to recharge the Master Sword in TotK. 

1. Wait A While

You can recharge Master Sword in TotK by waiting for a few minutes after it runs out of power or durability.

Here you need to wait around 10 minutes for it to recharge automatically. In the meantime, you can swap to a different weapon.

Additionally, you can check the description of the Master Sword in the menu to see how much time it has left.

 Note: The exact time depends on how much you used Master Sword, although it should be 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Fuse With Other Material

You can upgrade the Master Sword by fusing it with different items, which provide more damage and durability.

Here you can try to fuse the sword with other materials such as dragon scales, Lizalfos horns, Lynel horns, Stone Talus heart, Boss Bokolin Horns,  diamonds, etc. This increases its durability and damage.

To fuse it with other materials, you need Master Sword in your inventory. Then go to Fusion Forge, a location where you can combine different items to create new effects.

Once at Fusion Forge, select Master Sword and choose an item to fuse it. Different items will give different bonuses to it, such as elemental effects, damages etc.

master sword after fusion
You will see Master Sword after fusion.

Example: Fusing the blade with a Light Dragon’s Scale provides a +12 damage buff and imbues it with healing features.

However, fusing Master Sword with other elements is not permanent. You need to fuse something again when it needs to recharge.

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The Bottom Line

The Master Sword is more than just a sword that symbolizes courage and hope and plays a key role in the game.

Following the above measures, you can own your legendary powerful weapon and use it to defeat the enemy.

Hopefully, this article assist you in understanding how to recharge Master Sword in TotK.

Enjoy using an iconic weapon that can fire beams and defeat evil.

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