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How To Get Little Prince For Free?

Little prince is a new champion in Clash Royale that players can obtain for free.

Furthermore, the mechanics that he boasts are quite unique and new to the game.

Players can obtain the Little Prince for free if they are in Arena 11 or higher during the entire November Season. Furthermore, because of his unique mechanics, the little prince is one of the most desirable troops in Clash Royale.

This article discusses the little prince and how to get him for free in Clash Royale.

Who Is The Little Prince In Clash Royale?

The little prince is the sixth champion after the monk to come into the game. Furthermore, the monk debuted as a champion last year.

From the trailer for The Little Prince, he is an agile and dangerous champion who can cause serious issues to his opponents.

Little prince a free new champion
Little Prince in Clash Royale.

Furthermore, he also boasts two different stats that make him a unique champion.

Moreover, the different stats allow the little prince to deal massive amounts of damage.

Thus, players are keen to get their hands on the new champion.

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Abilities And Stats Of The Little Prince In Clash Royale

Players can deploy the little prince for a price of 3- Elixirs.

He is a troop, thus, his costs and mechanics are very similar to those of other troops.

Furthermore, the little prince will shoot enemies repeatedly with his crossbow.

If the little prince stays still and shoots at the enemies, his fire rate for the crossbow will continually increase.

Additionally, the little prince also possesses a skill that costs 3- Elixirs. The skill goes by the name “Royal Rescue.”

The skill allows him to summon a royal guard named the Guardian.

The Guardian possesses a massive health pool and high damage that the players can leverage on the battlefield.

Here is a list of stats for the Little Prince and the Guardian in Clash Royale:

1. Little Prince

  • Health: 700
  • Ranged Damage: 110
  • Hit Speed: 1.2 – 0.4 seconds
  • Speed: Medium
  • Range: 6

2. The Guardian

  • Health: 1800
  • Damage: 200
  • Charge Damage: 400
  • Hit Speed: 1.2 seconds

From the stats, it is evident that the bulk of the damage is from the guardian.

Additionally, as a troop, even the Little Prince can deal a decent amount of damage.

Furthermore, since the little prince can increase his attack speed as time passes, his damage also increases significantly.

Getting Little Prince For Free In Clash Royale

The Little Prince is a free troop in Clash Royale.

Furthermore, the method of obtaining the Little Prince is a lot easier and simpler since the game will guide you into obtaining him.

Players will find a special icon in the main menu with the face of the Little Prince.

Clicking on the icon will allow the players to obtain the champion.

Obtain little prince from main menu
Players can obtain the Little prince for free from the icon in the main menu.

However, there is a catch to obtaining the Little Prince for free.

The catch is that players must be in Arena 11 ( 3400 trophies) or above to claim the troop during the November season.

Furthermore, if the players complete the Ghoulsville Event, they will be able to reach Arena 11 easily by the end of the event.

Thus, when the Little Prince releases on November 6, 2023, players can instantly obtain him from the main menu.

The Bottom Line

In Clash Royale, obtaining a variety of characters allows the players to make various strategies that will win them the game.

In the case of the Little Prince, his mechanics are quite new for the game, and players believe he will be a great addition to their roaster.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning how to obtain the Little Prince for free in Clash Royale.

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