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A Guide On How To Unlock Steel Path Circuit In Warframe

Following hotfix 33.5.6, Warframe experienced activity registration issues, causing confusion on how to reacquire the Steel Path Circuit.

Some players who had already unlocked the Steel Path before have lost progress after this update.

Hence, if you are wondering how to unlock the Steel Path Circuit again, you must complete Lone Story, The Duviri Experience and at least one round of the Circuit on Normal Mode.

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Introduction To Steel Path Circuit Warframe

The Steel Path Circuit in Warframe is the hardest game mode designed for experienced players seeking a tougher test of their skills.

This mode is only accessible once all nodes on the Star Chart are conquered at least once.

It significantly increases enemy levels, making battles more intense and challenging.

Steel Path Circuit Warframe
Steel Path Circuit Warframe.

It also rewards players with exclusive rewards, including Steel Essence, which can be traded for valuable items.

With its heightened difficulty, the Steel Path Circuit provides a fresh layer of excitement for seasoned Warframe players.

Stats-wise, the level of every enemy is raised by 100, making this mode very hard to complete.

Additionally, their health, shield, and armor have a stat raise of 250%.

However, the rewards are equally awarded too as there is a +100% chance for both resource and mod drops.

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How To Unlock Steel Path Mode?

There are certain goals that the players must meet to unlock Steel Path for the first time.

Firstly, players must complete all the nodes that are present in the Star Chart.

But note that completing Mutalist Alad V and Jordas Golem Assassinates Eris and Duviri are optional choices.

Also, the nodes on Dark Sectors, Lua, the Kuva Fortress, and the Zariman Ten Zero must be cleared at least once.

Ropaloyst In Warframe
Ropaloyst in Warframe.

Then, players should complete the Ropalolyst node.

However, to complete this node players must have completed the Chimera Prologue as a pre-requisite.

If all nodes were accessible before the update, the Heart of Deimos quest must also be accomplished.

Additionally, players should also possess both a Railjack and a Necramech.

Once these prerequisites are met, Teshin extends an invitation to engage in The Steel Path.

Players must rendezvous with him at any Relay and inquire about Steel Path to activate the mode.

Following this, The Steel Path remains permanently accessible, even with the addition of new Star Chart nodes.

Finally, this mode will be present on the right side of the Star Chart screen.

Rewards After Completing Steel Path Circuit

Players can either get Weapon Arcanes or Steel Essence after completing the Steel Path Circuit.

Weapon Arcanes are rare in-game items that can buff the weapon’s damage output by enhancing base damage.

Steel Essence is an in-game currency that can be used to purchase various items at The Steel Path Honors.

In this mode, an Arcane drop is guaranteed upon defeating an Acolyte since it has a 100% drop rate. 

Acolytes are mini-bosses of this game mode which can grant you upto six different Arcanes.

Tenshin Shop Rewards After Finishing Steel Path Circuit
Tenshin Shop rewards after finishing Steel Path Circuit.

Completing this Path will also give you access to the Teshin shop.

This shop presents you with a mix of weekly rotating items and static rewards in his shop.

Note: Weekly missions refresh every Sunday at midnight UTC, and you can purchase Teshin’s weekly offering once during its availability.

It also features various rare cosmetics in the shop which can be only purchased once per item.

The Bottom Line

The recent update has created a huge confusion amongst the Warframe players regarding the Steel Path Circuit.

In fact, players can be found talking about this issue in the online gaming threads.

However, players can learn everything about this issue and the solution after following the mentioned guidelines.

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