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How To Unlock Titans Reach in Remnant 2?

Titans Reach in Remnant 2 is a location for finding exclusive rewards and archetypes.

The Place is covered in the dark theme and is tragic in nature 

Titans Reach in Remnant 2 is an exclusive location in Titan’s Reach world stone. The location is filled with Toxic gas and is a gateway to unlock Engineer Archetype. 

Continue reading to locate the exclusive place to find rare items and inventories. 

Where Is Titans Reach?

Titans Reach is located in the Titans’ Reach World stone. 

Players can find rare Archetypes and Inventories in these sector locations the game can offer. 

But,  before discovering Titans reach, first players need to locate the precious item named Naviagtor’s Heml.

Moreover, The Helm is an armor item found on a random zombie in N’erud.

What Is Inside Titans Reach?

Players can find extreme amounts of poisonous fog inside the Titans Reach. 

Furthermore, The Character will suffer extreme picking inside, but still player needs to survive the fatality to gain the rewards.

After exploring the location for a while, you will find Alien Device on N’Erud’s second overworld.

In Addition, The Device helps unlock the new powerful Engineer Archetype for enhanced inventory. 

How To Unlock Titans Reach?

Players should first complete previous events like Naviagtor’s Heml to unlock different items and inventories on Titans Reach.

The item will then open the door to extract further Archetypes and Rewards in Titans Reach.

Players can get one of the Powerful Archetypes in the game called Engineer. Here’s how you unlock the Strong Engineer;

  1. Treasure Hunt will allow the player to explore the Titans Reach. 
  2. Walk through and head toward Dead Engineer.
Dead Engineer Remnant 2
After walking through the Titans Reach you will see a dead Engineer.
  1. The character will start vomiting, then immediately jump to the next platform.
Titans Reach Remnant 2
After Puking for a while, jump across the path
  1. Pick all four of the Technician armor set from the ground.
Titans Reach Remnant 2
Collect Technician inventories from the floor.
  1. Collect the Alien Device located near the armor set
Alien Device Remnant 2
Equip the Alein Device in the inventory.
  1. Visit  Ward 13 and trade Alien Device for Dryzr Caliber Engram with Wallace 
Drzyr caliper remnant 2
Take the Device and exchange it with Dzryr Caliper with Wallace in Ward 13 location.
  1. Take the Dryzr Caliber and equip it in the inventory to unlock Engineer 
Use the Caliper to unlock a unique Archetype -The Engineer.

You will now get one of the best Prime archetypes, the Engineer. 

The Engineer boasts the fight against Powerful allies, thanks to its amazing current Ability.

Players can either use the Turret to fire it automatically or use it as a Weapon.

The total ammo of Turret can be viewed in Handy-bar. 

Other Engineer Archetype skills include Vulcan, Flamethrower and Impact Cannon.

These skills can help players defeat high-level bosses to gain further exclusive Archetypes and skills.

The Bottom Line

Players can find Titan’s Reach in the Part of World Stone. 

Titans Reach guides players through unlocking Exclusive Rewards and Archetypes. 

The Skills and inventories will boost Charceter’s combat ability to win the hard battles against Elite bosses. 

Hope you will find the location quickly and earn exclusive rewards.

Continue further to learn how to unlock Labirynth Corrupted Portal and Handler Engram in Remnant 2.
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