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How To Unlock Handler Engram In Remnant 2?

In Remnant 2, the Handler is an Archetype that enters the fight with a Dog Companion and depends on many of his skills.

Handlers can use one of the three skills to discern the dog’s nature.

When playing multiplayer, it is a support class that can help the team by granting several boosts.

To unlock the Handler Engram in Remnant 2, you need to buy the Old Whistle from Mudtooth, craft the Silent Whistle Engram, and slot it into your character screen. The Handler Engram lets you have a Dog Companion with various skills and buffs.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about Handler Engram and ways to unlock it in Remnant 2.

What Is Engram In Remnant 2?

Engrams are a type of item in Remnant 2 with their own inventory space in the game.

Once donned, they grant the relevant Archetype’s Skills, Perks, and Traits to the Classes in Remnant 2.

Moreover, players can only have one Engram equipped at a time until later in the game, when a second Engram can be attached, allowing them to have Dual Archetypes.

It is the engrams that level up, not the player. They level up as the player continues through the game by defeating Enemies and Bosses.

So that you know, holding an Engram in your inventory but not equipping it will not award you Experience.

To unlock an Archetype, you will need to find its appropriate Engram. You can find Engrams in a variety of methods, including:

  • Looting chests
  • Killing adversaries
  • Completing quests
  • Purchasing from merchants

Furthermore, you can take an Engram to Ward 13 and create it at the Ward Station once you have one.

Hence, you can unlock the Archetype and use its talents and qualities after crafting the Engram.

What Is Handler Engram In Remnant 2?

The Handler Engram is a Remnant 2 collectible item that unlocks the Handler Archetype.

Moreover, the Handler is a support-oriented character that focuses on buffing teammates and debuffing opponents with a dog companion.

The Handler Engram is located in Ward 13 Ward Station and may be crafted using 1,000 Scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals.

Also, you can equip the Handler Engram to your character and begin using the Handler Archetype once you have obtained it.

The Handler archetype possesses three abilities:

  • Command: The Handler issues a command to their dog, which buffs allies and debuffs adversaries.
  • Bolster: It increases their dog’s health and damage.
  • Inspire: The Handler gives friends a short damage increase.

Additionally, the Handler Archetype includes a characteristic called Pack Leader, which enables the Handler to use a Relic charge to resurrect their dog.

Therefore, Handler is an essential piece of equipment for Remnant 2 players that desire to play a support role.

Moreover, the skills and attributes of the Handler Archetype can be beneficial in keeping teammates alive and assisting them in harming.

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How To Unlock Handler Engram In Remnant 2?

To unlock the Handler Archetype, players must manufacture a Silent Whistle and equip it in the Remnant 2 slot.

Handler Engram In Remnant 2
You can buy an old whistle from Mudtooth in Ward 13.

Silent Whistle is an Engram, and like any other archetype, you must first obtain the item to access it.

Moreover, to build the Silent Whistle, players must first get the Old Whistle.

Additionally, you can purchase the Old Whistle for 1500 Scraps from the NPC Mudtooth in Ward 13.

Once you’ve obtained the whistle, you’ll need two more to complete the Engram.

Along with Old Whistle, the following elements are required:

  • Old Whistle x1
  • Scrap x1000
  • Luminite Crystal x10

Here are the procedures for unlocking the Handler Engram in Remnant 2 for free.

  1. Find the Adventurer in Ward 13.
  2. Speak with the Adventurer to begin The Hunted Quest.
  3. Track down and eliminate three Rootstalkers.
  4. Return the Adventurer’s Old Whistle.
  5. The Adventurer will give you the Handler Engram as a reward.

After that, you can apply the Handler Archetype to your character after you have the Handler Engram equipped for them.

A support-focused character called the Handler Archetype excels at buffing teammates and damaging adversaries with the help of a canine companion.

The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2, the Handler Archetype can be unlocked by collecting the Handler Engram.

It is a support-focused archetype that uses a canine companion to strengthen allies and weaken adversaries.

Therefore, for players who aspire to be supported in Remnant 2, the Handler Engram is a critical piece of equipment.

The abilities and attributes of the Handler Archetype can assist teammates survive and help them do damage.

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