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How To Use Master Sword Beam In TotK?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is a Role Playing Game with a wide selection of weapons for the players.

However, even among the huge amount of selection of weapons, Master Sword is the most sought-after.

The Master Sword is a legendary weapon from its first introduction. In Tears of the Kingdom, the player needs the weapon to complete a certain quest. However, due to the Master Sword’s unbreakable property and the ability to shoot out beams, the Sword is a must-get.

The best Sword in the franchise is obtainable through a quest or sheer luck.

Continue reading to learn more about how to obtain Master Sword in TotK and use its beam to its full potential.

Introduction To The Master Sword

The Master Sword has various names, but the most prominent name is the Goddess Sword.

The Master Sword is a sword crafted by the Goddess Hylia.

However, later the Goddess’s chosen hero and its spirit, Fi, craft the Sword in Master Sword by bathing it in the three Sacred Flames across the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Additionally, the Master’s Sword is unbreakable and possesses a low base attack of 30.

However, Master Sword has a different durability mechanic than the other items in-game.

The Sword loses its durability as you use the Sword beam. However, after leaving it in your backpack, the Sword can recharge its durability.

Where To Find The Master Sword?

The players can obtain the Master Sword in two ways. 

First Method

  1. First, the player must complete the side quest Cleansing the Hyrule Forest.
  2. After cleansing the forest, the player can interact with the Deku Tree. Interacting with the Deku will grant you a quest, the Recovering the Hero’s Sword quest.
Interaction With The Deku Tree
Interact with The Deku Tree.
  1. If you view the quest marker, it is moving continuously.
Location Of The Dragon In The Map
Location of the Dragon in the Map
  1. Fast travel to one of the closest Sky Towers near the moving marker. Here, you will see the quest marker is on the move because the Sword is stuck on the head of the Light Dragon.
  2. Launch yourself from the Sky Tower and Land on the Light Dragon’s Head.
Pulling The Master Sword Out
Land on the Light Dragon’s head.
  1. Pull the Sword out from its head. However, before you pull the Sword out, harvest the Light Dragon’s Scale materials off its back.
Obtaining The Master Sword
You can now obtain the Master Sword.
Note: You need Two Full Bars of stamina to pull the Master Sword out. You can use food to achieve the required stamina bars.

Second Method

The second requires a bit of luck, but if lucky, you can obtain the Master Sword without interacting with the Deku tree. 

  1. The Light Dragon is constantly traveling all over the land. 
  2. If you have all the Sky Towers unlocked, traveling between the towers will make the search much easier. 
  3. However, it completely depends on your luck in finding the Dragon.

The players obtaining Master Sword through the quest given by the Deku Tree is much easier than trying their luck.

However, if the player gets lucky, they will not need to go through the hassle of completing various other quests.

What Are Master Sword Beams?

The Master Sword is capable of one singular, powerful ability. However, the player can only use the ability at total health. 

Master Sword can shoot a beam projectile toward the direction the player is facing in TotK.

However, this ability requires the player to be in total health. 

But, there is a catch to this mechanic.

In Tears of the Kingdom, equipping the Champions Leathers while using Master Sword allows the players to shoot the beam even when they are not in total health. 

Moreover, the damage done by the beam is equivalent to half of the Base Damage of the Master Sword.

Thus, fusing Master Sword with a material like Diamond would significantly increase the beam’s damage.

However, Please be cautious when using Master Sword, as the Sword loses durability with each use of the beam.

The Sword is unbreakable but becomes unusable when it loses all its durability. Thus, the players must let the Sword recharge until they can use it again.

Continue reading to discover how to recharge Master Sword in TotK.

The Bottom Line

The Master Sword is the best weapon the player can obtain in-game, solely because the weapon is unbreakable.

Moreover, Master Sword can shoot beam in TotK. And who would not like that?

However, the Sword can become unusable if it loses all its durability. 

Hopefully, this article can give you a rundown on obtaining the Master sword and how it can be a great addition to your arsenal.

Continue reading to learn the differences between Master Sword Vs. Biggorn Sword.
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