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Master Sword Vs. Biggoron Sword – Which Is Stronger?

Many Zovers believe Master Sword is the strongest weapon in the TotK, but does it hold against the Biggoron’s Sword?

Biggoron’s Sword is the strongest in the TotK Universe in terms of damage and durability compared to Master Sword, but its sheer size makes it quite limited in battle, where Master Sword reigns supreme.

Continue reading to find stark differences between the two weapons and how one fares to the other in the duel.

Master Sword Vs. Biggoron’s Sword – Which Is Stronger?

Master Sword and Biggoron’s Sword are the recurring items in the Legend of Zelda series, where Link will yield them to fight against the villains and obstacles.

However, many in the Zelda fandom who have only used Master Sword believe it to be stronger than the Biggoron’s, while others are of the exact opposite opinion.

Master Sword vs Biggoron Sword
Master Sword vs. Biggoron Sword; differ in power and durability.

Although there is no way to tell whichever is stronger based on their appearance, we will require comparing the two weapons in detail to tell any difference.

ParametersMaster SwordBiggoron's Sword
Base AttackIt only has a base attack of +30.It has a greater base attack, +50.
DurabilityIt boasts a base durability of 40.It boasts a base durability of 60.
Guard Break PowerIt works better against guard with break power of 40.It only has a guard break power of 10.
Special abilitiesIt has double base attack when glowing.

Ultimate weapon capable of defeating Ganon.
It will attract lightning if equipped during a thunderstorm and conduct electricity.

It can picked up using Magnesis Rune.

It will not burn if exposed to fire
Fuse MaterialsYou can fuse 73 objects with the Master Sword.You can fuse 73 objects with the Biggoron's Sword.
LimitationIt runs out of energy, requiring recharging for 10 min.It cannot be used in conjunction with a shield.

It is unable of defeating Ganon.

1. Yielding The Weapon

Master Sword, also known as the Blade of Evil’s Bane or the Legendary Sword, is a recurring Sword that is blessed by Zelda.

Its classic ability is the power to eliminate evil, destroy magical barriers, break curses, and kill the villain Ganon.

On the other hand, Biggoron’s Sword is man-made and does not possess magical powers.

However, it does offer more attack power and durability during active missions and has a longer reach than Master Sword.

It would be helpful when your Master Sword is recharging and you need to charge into the battle.

2. Base Attack

Here, Biggoron’s Sword takes the lead with a higher base attack of +50 which is almost double the number of Master Sword’s base attack.

It means Biggoron’s Sword can perform 50 hits before breaking down. For instance, it takes three hits to take down a Blue Bokoblin.

Master Sword, comparatively, runs out quickly due to low base attack, requiring frequent recharges.

However, you can temporarily increase the base attack of Master Sword and Biggoron by fusing them with different materials.

For example, fusing an ancient blade with your preferred weapon adds +50 damage.

3. Sword’s Durability

Biggoron’s Sword is more durable than Master Sword, meaning it can be used more than Master Sword before it breaks.

The Biggoron Sword has a high durability of 60, compared to Master Sword’s 40; hence, it can be revived many times during the mission.

However, the Biggoron Sword will break nonetheless, and you must acquire it again by completing different levels of the mission.

Here, Master Sword may take the upper hand because it has infinite life and is usable as long as you recharge it.

4. Special Abilities

In the world of Zelda, everything can be magical and possess unique abilities, including the Swords.

Master Sword offers a double base attack when you enter Ganon’s corrupted areas, like dungeons, becoming a lethal weapon with severe damage.

Similarly, it is the only weapon to kill the main villain, Ganon.

Phantom ganon
Phantom Ganon is one of the primary Ganon villains.

On the other hand, the Biggoron Sword will attract lightning when equipped during a thunderstorm and conduct electricity.

Similarly, it can be picked up using Magnesis Rune when it falls far away or inside water. Moreover, it will not burn if exposed to fire.

5. Fuse Materials

Master Sword and Biggoron Swords can be infused with different materials to boost their damage and add any special damage effect.

In fact, fuse combinations work the same with both Master and Biggoron’s Swords to amplify their abilities.

For example, fusing Stalnox Horn adds +29 damage, whereas fusing Ancient Blade adds +50 damage and shoots down one enemy.

Biggoron Stalnox Sword
Biggoron Sword fused with Stalnox horn.

Similarly, you can fuse Zonai devices like Cannon and Frost emitter to add special damage-effect like shooting out cannonballs and frost.

Therefore, these weapons would react the same to any fuse materials.

Continue reading to discover some of the strongest fuse materials in TotK.

6. Sword’s Limitation

Despite being the strongest weapons in Zelda, both Swords have limitations.

Master Sword has a lower base attack than Biggoron’s Sword. Moreover, it runs out of energy, so you cannot rely on it during every battle.

Once depleted, it requires recharging for 10 minutes before you can yield it again.

Similarly, Biggoron’s Sword cannot be used with a shield, making it less useful in battles requiring it.

It will break down after a while, requiring finding another replacement, and it cannot typically shoot Sword beams like Master Sword.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the choice between Master Sword and Biggoron’s Sword depends on personal preference.

Master Sword is a symbol of heroism and often plays a crucial role in the game’s narrative, while Biggoron’s Sword offers increased reach and power when needed.

Both Swords have their unique significance and strength, which you should not underestimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Essential Swords Are Available In The Legend Of Zelda?

Along with Master Sword and Biggoron’s Swords, you would find two other essential Swords:

  1. Fierce Deity Sword: A powerful weapon closely associated with the Fierce Deity Mask, which you can acquire as a side quest. It has a more extended reach and deals significant damage to enemies.
  2. White Sword Of The Sky: The White Sword of the Sky is typically stronger than the initial Sword and helps Link on his journey before obtaining the iconic Master Sword. It boasts base damage of 24.
  3. Sword Of The Hero: The Sword of the hero is a one-handed weapon with a severe damage output of +17 base attacks, which does not recharge or shoot projectiles.
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