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Hunting Grounds In Rogue Trader: Surviving The Wilderness

The Hunting Grounds is a quest in Rogue Trader where you navigate a planet and interact with characters like Winterscale.

However, the quest seems to have a few bugs, causing frustration among players.

The Hunting Grounds in Rogue Trader takes players on a dynamic quest across a lush planet, presenting choices and challenges involving both human and Eldar factions.

Continue reading to learn more about the Hunting Grounds and to complete this quest in Rogue Trader.

Hunting Grounds In Rogue Trader 

The Hunting Grounds in Rogue Trader is a quest where you’re on this lush planet, dealing with humans and Eldar.

It’s not just a straightforward mission; you get to choose different paths and make decisions that matter.

So, you start in this village, hanging out with the Caligos family.

You’ve got to be smart about politics on this planet because every choice you make affects how the quest ends.

In the village, it’s all about checking out what’s going on with the Eldar artifact.

But as you go deeper, you face all sorts of challenges: monsters, puzzles, and stuff.

There are these ancient Eldar ruins with secrets that need decoding and hidden stuff to find.

Likewise, you’ve got to decide whether to wipe out the Haemonculus or let him stick around for who knows what.

And, depending on all your choices, the quest ends in different ways.

wipe out the Haemonculus
You should decide whether or not to wipe out the Haemonculus.
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How To Complete Hunting Grounds In Rogue Trader?

The quest begins with your mission on a planet involving Winterscale, a significant character in the game.

You’ll arrive in the village of the Caligos family, human settlers battling for survival in the jungle.

After that, talk to Hadrian Caligos, the seasoned leader, and get briefed on the situation.

Have a chat with the locals, roam around the village, and keep your ears open for any hints about the Eldar and potential side quests.

Also, don’t forget, that having enough ammo and gear is crucial.

Face challenges such as Eldar warriors, monstrous creatures, and intricate puzzles within ancient Eldar ruins.

Either pick sides with them against Caligos, team up with the humans or walk the tightrope for peace.

Also remember that some jungle creatures, like Sneaky Razorshards and Hefty Khymerexes, are lurking.

Additionally, be prepared for surprise attacks, with your weapons always ready.

Decode ancient runes, trigger hidden mechanisms, and unveil the artifact’s history and the forgotten lore of the planet.

Then, encounter Winterscale, a skilled Caligos hunter who strongly dislikes Eldar.

skilled Caligos hunter
Winterscale is a skilled Caligos hunter with a strong dislike for Eldar.

In the depths of the ruins, an eerie Eldar scientist plays with life and death.

Brace yourself for a tough battle and a gut-wrenching choice: Do you wipe out the Haemonculus or Let him carry on with his gruesome experiments?

Your decisions lead to a decisive showdown with the Caligos family, the Eldar, or both, resulting in various quest endings.

Align with the Eldar, assist the Caligos, or forge a delicate peace between factions.

The Bottom Line

Numerous gamers encounter issues like character freezing, dialogue problems, and quest progression glitches.

To tackle these challenges, some players recommend using the Toybox tool or trying out different dialogue options.

However, others mention the importance of reporting bugs to the game developers for future fixes.

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