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How To Use Notion AI? A Beginner’s Guide

Notion AI, founded in 2013 by Ivan Zhao, combines AI(Artificial Intelligence) with the Notion platform.

It can enhance various aspects, such as improving search capabilities, suggesting relevant content and automating monotonous tasks.

You can use Notion AI by creating a Notion account first, and if you already are a user, you can easily access it by simply typing space in a new line or pressing “Ctrl + J.”
Continue reading the article to learn more about Notion AI and what you can do with it.

What Is Notion AI?

Notion AI is a writing assistant that enhances functionality and offers more intelligent and automated workflows.

Introduction to Notion AI
It is a writing assistant that helps to make your work easier.

Furthermore, this tool has been designed for personnel, students, and other diverse professionals to edit, rewrite and summarize existing content.

Did you know Notion AI provides 20 free responses till 5th April 2023?

After that, users must pay $10 monthly to continue using the tool.

Regarding models used in AI, developers have not disclosed the models or algorithms they use for their AI features, as this is likely proprietary information.

However, it uses deep neural networks and Natural Language Generation(NLP) to power its AI features.

Features Of Notion AI

The features of this tool are exciting, and it becomes a powerful writing assistant when integrated with the Notion platform.

  • It is capable of summarizing texts in 30 seconds.
  • It can analyze meeting notes to generate the next steps instantly.
  • It can fix grammar and spelling because no one spells “fuchsia” correctly on the first try.
  • You can write in different languages and also translate languages.
  • It can edit your voice and tone of the texts and make the texts shorter or longer.
  • It can provide brainstorming ideas, create blog posts, outlines, essays, emails and much more.

How Is Notion AI different From Other AI Tools?

It is a unique artificial intelligence tool that differentiates itself from other AI tools in several ways.

  • It is integrated with the Notion platform, which allows users to leverage AI capabilities within their existing workflow and tools rather than switching between different platforms.
  • It is highly customizable, allowing users to create and customize their tables and templates to fit their needs.
  • Focuses on knowledge management and organization, providing more targeted and specific features and functionalities.
  • It emphasizes privacy and security, especially when dealing with sensitive and confidential data.

Therefore, the unique combination of tools with AI technologies sets it apart from other AI tools.

How To Use Notion AI? A Beginners Guide

Notion AI produces text-based responses as per the user’s input data.

You can easily access it if you are a Notion user or have created a new account.

When Notion began testing its software, it established a waitlist, but now you are no longer required to join it. Once you sign up for an account, you can use the tool immediately.

Here is how you can get access to the tool.

  1. First, you need to sign up for Notion. You can sign up using your Google account, Email or Apple account.
sign up Notion AI
You must sign up first to access Notion AI.
Note: If you already have an account, you can simply log into your account. Once you are logged into your account, open a new page.
  1. Click the ‘+ New Page’ button on the left panel to create a new page.
Adding page on AI
You can quickly add a page in Notion AI.
  1. Now, activate the AI by pressing the “Space” or “Ctrl + J.”
Activate Notion AI
You can easily activate this AI tool.

Now, the AI is active, and you can enjoy using its features and capabilities.

What Can You Do With Notion AI?

Notion AI can assist you with various tasks, allowing you to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity.

Below are some excellent capabilities or functionalities of this tool.

1. Create Outlines

If you are writing an article, essay or blog post, creating an outline is essential as it shows each section or paragraph’s information and in what order.

It can create outlines for you in a single-sentence text prompt, making your work easier.

Here is the result when I asked the AI “Outline for an essay on AI.

Outline Feature of AI
You can create Outline using Notion AI.

2. Summarize Existing Content

It can generate summaries, extract critical points or action items, rewrite sections to change the tone, suggest synonyms, and more.

Summarize using Notion AI
Notion AI can summarize existing content.

You can highlight the text you want to summarize and select “Ask AI” or type “/AI” to get AI suggestions.

Moreover, you can see the summarize option at the bottom, which will summarize the above-highlighted text.

3. Create A Table

Notion AI can easily create tables using a simple prompt like “Create a comparison table [contents].”

The image below shows the comparison table of ChatGPT and ChatSonic, created by this AI.

how to use Notion AI
Notion AI can compare ChatGPT and ChatSonic making a proper table.
Read on to learn more about ChatGPT and ChatSonic.

Moreover, it also allows you to link tables to other pages and databases, which can help organize and manage your data.

4. Brainstorm Ideas

If you are stuck staring at a blank page, ask Notion AI for ideas or an entire draft to get started.

Brainstorming ideas is one of its unique features of it.

The image showed the result when I asked the AI about Brainstorming ideas on ChatGPT.

Brainstorming ideas on ChatGPT
Notion AI can help you brainstorm ideas.

Furthermore, I tested the AI to see if it could give me some brainstorming ideas on a “Fictional Movie about a boy in Warzone.”

Here is the result of the prompt.

Brainstorming ideas using AI
Notion AI gives brainstorming ideas on a Fictional movie.

Amazingly, it provided me with more ideas than I expected.

5. Fix Spelling And Grammar

Notion AI’s built-in spell check and grammar correction feature scans your written content for errors such as misspelled words and incorrect grammar.

The image below shows the “Fix spelling & grammar” feature of the tool.

Fixing grammar and spelling
It can fix grammar and spelling quickly.

Here is an example of Notion AI in action fixing grammar and spelling.

Fixing grammar and spelling in Notion
Notion AI can fix grammar and spelling.

It should be highlighted that this feature can correct some mistakes, but it doesn’t uncover everything.

6. Write And Debug Code

No official statement on the Notion AI website about whether AI can code exists.

But, surprisingly, it can code smoothly in different programming languages.

Here is an image of the tool coding in Python language.

Coding in Notion AI
You can write and debug Code in Notion AI.

When I tested the Code in PyCharm, it worked smoothly with no errors or bugs.

Currently, it supports coding in Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, and Go.

However, it is constantly expanding its capabilities to include more languages in the future.

Continue reading to discover if ChatGPT can write and debug code for you.

7. Translate Languages

If you’re working with a global team or clients, you understand how time-consuming translation can be.

You can quickly generate accurate translations between many languages right where you do the rest of your work using it.

The image below shows how you can translate languages with this tool.

Translating Languages AI
AI Translates Different Languages

Moreover, the AI can translate English into more than 13 languages.

8. Solves Math Equations

Notion AI is full of surprises, and I’ve found that it can also solve math equations effortlessly.

It can quickly solve simpler math equations but may be inaccurate in complex problems.

Here is an example of this tool solving a math problem.

Solving math problems AI
You can solve math problems using the AI tool.

Furthermore, the AI will provide an accurate solution when you add “Let’s think in steps” in the prompt.

Solving math using Notion AI
Giving “Let’s think in steps” prompt in Notion AI

After I included the prompt, it provided me with a more detailed and listed view of the solution.

Limitations Of Notion AI

However, despite how flawless the tool looks, it certainly has some limitations. Some of the limitations are listed below.

  • Usage Limits: It provides only 20 Free AI responses per member, and you will have to pay the subscription fee once you run out of free responses.
  • No Integrations: It offers no integrations to other platforms, and we can only utilize its features in Notion.
  • Chat Function: It has no feature like Chat Function. If you want to access quick information, you can’t do that.
  • Limited AI templates: It only has finite templates, and we can also observe some content recurrence.
  • Lacks Real-time Data: It may not know about recent events occurring in the last 6-12 months and may output inaccurate or outdated results.

In addition, if you do not like this tool, you can always opt for some of the best Notion AI alternatives.

Occasionally, it may provide harmful and incorrect information, which can be misleading.

Response of Notion AI
AI says, “AI responses can be inaccurate or misleading.”

The Bottom Line

Notion AI is a powerful tool with various unique and exciting features.

It is easily accessible everywhere, and we can use it by simply creating an account.

Furthermore, you can use the tool in your workspace by logging in with your account if you are already a user.

Continue reading to discover some of the best ChatGPT alternatives that are free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Notion AI Available On Mobile?

Yes, it is available on both Android and iOS. You can easily download the mobile version of Notion AI.

Does Notion AI Use OpenAI?

Ivan Zhao, Co-founder of Notion AI, says, “the system is working with multiple different model providers like OpenAI and Anthropic AI.”

Furthermore, he views it as similar to how Notion uses Amazon Web Services as a cloud provider.

Does Notion Work Offline?

The Notion has no offline mode and won’t work until you have internet connectivity.

But it works offline if you leave the pages in your browser open before you lose your internet connection.

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