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ChatGPT Vs. ChatSonic: Battle For The Best

ChatGPT and ChatSonic are two emerging AI Chatbots taking over the internet.

They are powerful conversational AI Chatbots using the GPT model and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

However, they implement different approaches to accomplish similar outcomes.

When comparing ChatGPT vs. ChatSonic, they both have a similar foundation but differ in cost, content development, and supporting platforms. Many ChatSonic features set it apart from ChatGPT, including image generation and voice command activation.

In this article, we will compare ChatGPT vs. ChatSonic, learn about their working models, and discuss their similarities and significant differences.

What is ChatGPT And How Does it Work?

ChatGPT is an AI Chatbot based on OpenAI GPT-3 models launched in November 2022.

It is a natural language processing tool that allows you to have a human-like conversation.

Here are some fantastic features of ChatGPT.

Features of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT can write, edit and debug codes in different programming languages.
  • There are almost 95 natural languages ChatGPT can translate.
  • ChatGPT can assist you in general research by collecting data and generating ideas in a well-structured manner.
  • It can create marketing content for businesses and enterprises.
  • ChatGPT can summarize your favorite stories, movies and websites.
  • Writing Professional looking Emails, Blogs, and Cover letters is one of the features of ChatGPT.
  • It can perform complex mathematical calculations.
  • You can use ChatGPT to generate song lyrics and create poems providing a theme to work with.
ChatGPT creating a poem in Mandarin
ChatGPT is creating a poem in Mandarin.

However astonishing ChatGPT looks, it certainly has some limitations worth mentioning.

Limitations of ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT is convincing but often gives incorrect information.
  • It is sensitive to multiple and identical inputs.
  • There is excessive use of specific phrases(e.g., It’s a language model trained by OpenAI)
  • Occasionally respond to harmful instructions or exhibit discriminatory behavior.
  • It cannot generate images.
  • The answers generated by ChatGPT can sometimes be biased, offensive and unethical.
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What is ChatSonic And How Does it Work?

With the help of Google Search technology, ChatSonic can browse the internet and provide real-time content.

Furthermore, ChatSonic can also create realistic images and art forms with the help of technologies like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

You can use ChatSonic to customize and resolve challenging mathematics problems, prepare for an interview, sort out relationship problems, or maintain your fitness.

Features of ChatSonic

  • ChatSonic can convert your text input into realistic art and images.
  • It can create content for blogs, podcasts, videos and social media.
  • One of the incredible features of ChatSonic is generating real-time content. (E.g, Forecasting Weather)
  • ChatSonic has a feature of Personalized assistants or avatars.
  • You can provide inputs in ChatSonic through voice commands.
  • Unlike ChatGPT, ChatSonic is available on mobile devices like Android and iOS.
  • ChatSonic Twitter bot is a fantastic feature that can be a personal AI Chatbox for Twitter users.
ChatSonic image generation
Here is the House image generated by ChatSonic.

Although ChatSonic is an innovative tool surpassing ChatGPT, it has some limitations.

Limitations of ChatSonic

  • ChatSonic is prone to make factual mistakes.
  • It repeats the same kind of information all over again.
  • ChatSonic is still in the Beta version.
  • Sometimes, it requires human assistance to confirm sensical content.
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ChatGPT Vs. ChatSonic: How are they Similar?

As mentioned by the creators of ChatSonic, it is similar to ChatGPT but on steroids.

Like ChatGPT, ChatSonic also operates on the same fundamental model of GPT-3.5, NLP and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RHLF).

Furthermore, RLHF creates reward models, so we can fine-tune the model using Proximal Policy Optimization(PPO).

In the ChatSonic vs. ChatGPT debate, the other thing that makes them similar is that they can carry out their assigned tasks without human assistance.

In the figure below, we can observe the process in simple steps.

ChatGPT working model
ChatGPT work model is shown in the image.

The working model of ChatGPT and ChatSonic are similar. Let us dive into their working model deeper.

Step 1: Fine-Tuning

A prompt is selected from the dataset, and the labeler demonstrates the desired output behavior.

This data is used to fine-tune GPT 3.5 with supervised learning.

Step 2: Data Collection and Training Reward Model

Prompt and several model outputs are sampled.

The labeler ranks the output from best to worst, which is used to train the reward model.

Step 3: Optimize Reward Model Using Reinforcement Learning

A new prompt is selected from the dataset.

Fine-tune generates output; the reward model calculates a reward for the output. The reward is used to update the fine-tuning using PPO.

ChatGPT Vs. ChatSonic: Major Differences

The significant difference between ChatGPT and ChatSonic is the purpose they are built for.

Furthermore, they differ in real-time content, AI image generation, pricing, built-in architecture, and voice commands.

Let’s have a quick look at the comparison between ChatGPT and Chatsonic.

PurposeThe main purpose of ChatGPT is to interact in a conversational way.It is designed to generate factual and real-time contents.
UsesChtGPT is used for writing codes, making calculations, translate information and more.It is mainly used for creating contents, image generation, weather forecasting.
CostChatGPT plus is available for $20/month.Chatsonic pricing plans starts from $12.67/month
ModelChatGPT is powered by OpenAI GPT-3 family.Chatsonic is built on GPT-3.5 and integrated with Google Search.
PlatformsThe only platform that supports ChatGPT is Saas/Web.ChatSonic supports different platforms like Mac, Mobile applications and Web.

Now, let’s discuss the differences in detail.

1. Real-Time Content

ChatGPT is a fantastic business tool that can write, debug, and explain codes and provide tech-related answers.

However, if you ask ChatGPT about today’s weather, it cannot provide an answer.

Here, we asked about the weather, and the ChatGPT responded as follows;

ChatGPT weather response
ChatGPT cannot provide real-time data.

On the other hand, ChatSonic provides real-time content and all the content that ChatGPT can offer.

Here, we asked ChatSonic about weather information, and it responded as follows;

Weather results by ChatSonic
ChatSonic can provide real-time data.

Because of its limited training data, ChatGPT cannot keep up with current affairs.

Meanwhile, ChatSonic also offers real-time content and news.

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2. Price Differences

You can easily use the accessible version of ChatGPT and ChatSonic without any cost.

However, the premium version of ChatSonic and ChatGPT plus comes with a price and some additional features.

ChatGPT plus subscription plan starts from $20 per month.

ChatGPT Plus price
ChatGPT Plus costs 20$ per month.

Meanwhile, the Premium version of ChatSonic pricing plans depends on quality, starting from $12.67 monthly.

ChatSonic Premium price
ChatSonic premium version costs 12.67$ per month.
Note: You must complete the form, including your personal and account details to upgrade to premium plans. In addition, you may have to pay taxes depending on your location.

Although ChatSonic premium is less expensive than ChatGPT Plus, it has a limited number of tokens.

In addition, if you run out of tokens, subscription fees apply for premium plans.

Learn more about the difference between ChatGPT and ChatGPT plus.

3. Image Generation

PhotoSonic is a unique AI feature created by ChatSonic that can generate digital art and images from your text input.

It lets you enhance or modify images by adding text annotations or filters and rerunning the model.

Here, I asked ChatSonic to create an image of the Mona Lisa.

Image generation by ChatSonic
Image of Mona Lisa Created by ChatSonic

However, PhotoSonic may sometimes create blurry images, distorted or unrelated to the text. This could occur due to the complexity of the text description.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is an AI language model that can only answer your queries through texts and codes and cannot generate images.

ChatGPT response to image generation
ChatGPT cannot create images.

Above we can see how the ChatGPT responds when I ask to create an image of the Mona Lisa.

4. Platforms Supported

ChatGPT only supports a platform which is Web browsers/SaaS (Software as a Service). Other platforms like Android and iOS are not available for ChatGPT.

However, ChatSonic is readily available in all Web browsers.

You can also download ChatSonic App for Android; however, the ChatSonic iOS app is unavailable now.

ChatGPT VS ChatSonic Platforms
Platforms supported by ChatGPT and ChatSonic are slightly different.
Additionally, you must fill out the waitlist form to access the ChatSonic iOS app.

5. Voice Command

ChatSonic can understand your voice commands as input with the help of NLP, NLG (Natural Language Generation) and AI.

Hence, ChatSonic can respond to your instructions just like Siri or Google Assistant.

 Voice command feature ChatSonic
ChatSonic has a voice command feature.

On the other hand, ChatGPT does not have any features like voice command activation. It can only respond to your queries through text input.

No features of Voice Command in ChatGPT
There is no feature of voice command on ChatGPT.

Moreover, we can see that there is no option for voice command in ChatGPT, but the voice activation option is readily available in ChatSonic.

The Bottom Line

ChatGPT and ChatSonic are alike in different aspects, sharing a standard fundamental.

However, they have different features and characteristics that set them apart.

Moreover, ChatGPT has limited features and data in comparison to ChatSonic.

I prefer ChatSonic over ChatGPT because it has more features like image generation and activation of voice commands.

Hopefully, this article will guide you to recognize the differences between these Chatbots and decide to choose the better one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Alternatives to ChatSonic?

If you are bored of using ChatSonic and ChatGPT, here are some alternatives to those Chatbots.

  1. Replika
  2. Jasper Chat
  3. Playground AI
  4. CoPilot AI
  5. Bard AI
  6. YouChat

Does ChatSonic Use ChatGPT?

ChatSonic does not use ChatGPT, but ChatSonic uses the same model as ChatGPT.

They use NLP(Natural Language Processing), AI(Artificial Intelligence) and GPT 3.5 series as their core model.

How can ChatGPT and ChatSonic be Used in Business?

ChatGPT can help find qualified sales leads and enhance customer service by providing 24/7 customer support and personal finance assistance.

It can provide plagiarism-free content and images for your websites which could assist in developing your business.

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