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How To Use Open Assistant?

Open Assistant is an open-source AI model that dynamically retrieves data from third-party systems to help in human-like conversations.

Open Assistant is the new open-source AI Chatbot that is very easy to use and the new AI  model, which could be better than ChatGPT.

Many open-source AI models have been released day by day. However, most of them have trained their model using data retrieved from ChatGPT.

Although many AI Chatbots claim to be open source, the features of this AI model are quite impressive.

Continue reading the article to learn how to use Open Assistant properly and how the model is trained.

How Is Open Assitant Trained?

Open Assistant is a Chatbot that uses API and third-party plugins similar to GPT-4 and can be personalized to your needs.

To train their AI model, the team instructed GPT, a paper from Open AI. It uses reinforcement learning with human feedback.

Additionally, the model is not trained from ChatGPT data but from human-generated data.

You can also check the data generation statistics on their website.

Furthermore, it is funded by LAION, a non-profit organization focusing on machine learning research.

laion open ai
Laion: non-profit organization for machine learning research.

How To Use Open Assistant?

Open Assistant is a chat-based Assistant that understands tasks and can communicate with third-party systems. Follow the steps below to use Open Assistant properly.

  1. Go to the Open Assistant Website. The next step is to sign up.
open assistant homepage
Sign Up to Open an Assistant.
  1. You use either your email or your Discord account to sign up.
how to use open assistant
Use your email or discord account to sign-up on Open Assistant.
  1. After logging in, you can see the dashboard. You can create a new chat and ask away your new AI Assistant.
AI chats
Create a New chat and ask Open Assistant.
  1.  You can also help the AI to improve by completing different tasks and replying as an Assistant.
open assistant dashboard
Open Assistant can complete different tasks.

The answers that you get from this AI model are very human-like because of its human-generated databases.

Here’s an example of the Assistant writing an email for an international IT student scholarship.

open assistant chat example
Open Assistant can write an email for an international scholarship.

You can also personalize your Chatbot by enabling third-party plugins and choosing the chat model. Open Assistant can be your new GPT-4.

One of the biggest concerns with people while being a part of the artificial intelligence community is the use of discriminative words or rude behavior.

However, with the guidelines of Open Assistant, you will not have to worry about offensive behavior and replies.

They strive to improve and block out rude content through user feedback.

Moreover, other discussions have been on how this AI model and ChatGPT are similar. In fact, people claim that this model is much better than ChatGPT.

twitter conversation about AI
Open Assistant can be similar to ChatGPT.

GPT-4, which has new third-party plugins, is not available to the general public, and the Chrome extensions do not do much justice to the GPT-4 plugin.

Therefore, if you do not want to pay for the premium subscription for ChatGPT, this might be one of the best alternatives.

The Bottom Line

Open Assistant is a global community effort with over 13000 volunteers from all around the world.

This new AI Assistant could very well take over all the other chat AIs.

Although the replies of the Assistant are not flawless, and you could encounter problems with spelling or bugs in your code, its features are very impressive.

If you are interested in artificial intelligence and its developments, you should check it out and help them improve.

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