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How Do You Get My AI On Snapchat?

Do you know My AI is available to all Snapchatters? This smart assistant can help you with anything, from finding information to reserving tickets.

If you are wondering how to get My AI on Snapchat, this article has everything you need to know.

You can get My AI on Snapchat by updating the app, opening the Chat screen, selecting the My AI Chatbot or adding it as a friend from Snapchat.

This article will explore everything about My AI on Snapchat and show how to access and get rid of it.

What Is My AI On Snapchat?

My AI Chatbot, powered by OpenAI, is a customizable experimental available to all Snapchatters.

This Chatbot can answer trivia questions, offer advice such as gift and dinner ideas and even help plan trips.

The Snapchat AI filter allows you to personalize your Snapchat experience based on your choice and express your creativity.

get My AI on Snapchat
With My AI Chatbots, you can have a conversation with them.

Additionally, you can experience the latest ChatGPT technology with additional safety control to Snapchat.

Note: Snapchat users are leaving one-star ratings in the App Store as they can’t get rid of My AI.

How Do You Get My AI On Snapchat?

My AI is highly customizable and allows users to personalize Snapchat by giving it a nickname, telling it their likes and dislikes and choosing a custom wallpaper for the chat.

First, you must update Snapchat from either the Google Play Store or App Store.

This Chatbot will be turned on by default, and Snapchatters will receive a short introduction message from My AI Chatbot.

You can access My AI on Snapchat with a straightforward method. Here is how you can get My AI;

  1. The My AI option is in your conversation list on the Chat screen.
  2. All you need to do is swipe right from the Camera screen to open the Chat screen.
  3. Then, tap on My AI; hence, you can Chat with it like other real friends.
  4. Then, you can start the conversation with My AI Chatbot.
Note: My AI was previously available to Snapchat+ subscribers. It is rolling out slowly and may not be available to some regions yet.

Is My AI On Snapchat Safe?

My AI is trained on a diverse range of text corpus and is integrated with the same safeguards and tools used on Snapchat.

AI filter algorithm analyzes the text or images the user sends and determines whether they contain any violating content.

My AI on Snapchat is safe as it prevents users from engaging in inappropriate conversations with the Chatbot.

The information provided by My AI is not harmful and avoids responses that are violent, drug-related content, sexually explicit, and other biases.

Snapchat’s AI has a filter to prevent users from engaging in inappropriate conversations with the Chatbot.

However, sometimes, My AI might include unreasonable, inaccurate, harmful or misleading content.

You better take some precautions when using Snapchat AI. Here are some of them;

  • Never provide any sensitive or personal details.
  • Do not talk about confidential information with the Chatbot.
  • Never use My AI to generate political, sexual, or harassing content that is considered inappropriate.
  • Always check the answer provided by Snapchat AI before relying on any device.
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How To Delete My AI On Snapchat?

Snapchatters can unpin or remove My AI from their Chat screen.

First, go to the Snapchat management screen from your Profile and toggle on the My AI option to get rid of it.

Furthermore, you can delete your conversation with My AI within 24 hours.

Besides, you can delete past content with My AI Chat. Follow these steps to delete the conversation with My AI;

  1. First, tap on your Profile icon and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Account Actions.
  3. Finally, tap Clear My AI Data and Confirm it.

The Bottom Line

My AI is a personal choice that depends on users’ preferences, goals and expectations.

It is an evolving feature of Snapchat that might improve with more advanced qualities or feedback.

However, Snapchat AI is not a substitute for human judgment, so always use your knowledge and common sense when chatting.

Stay safe and unleash your creativity with My AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Talk To My AI About?

My AI is designed to be your friend bot that can answer your questions, provide advice or tell you jokes, poems etc.

You can talk about anything with My AI, but remember that it should be appropriate and respectful.

How Does My AI Learn From Me?

My AI uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to understand what you say and how you say it.

It learns from you by analyzing your messages and responses.

You can teach My AI new things by chatting with it regularly and providing feedback.

Then, this Chatbot will try to match your style and essence as it learns from you.

Can I Share My AI Chats With My Friends?

You can share your Chat with My AI with your friends. You can do this by tapping on the share icon on the Chat screen.

However, please be careful of what you share and always respect the My AI’s privacy.

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