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How To Use Google PaLM 2? A Complete Guide

Google has been on its own journey in the advancement of artificial intelligence. 

They recently launched their own Chatbot, Bard AI, using Google’s Pathways Language Model (PaLM). 

Google unveiled its new Language Model, PaLM 2, which is easy to use. It assists you in coding, solving Maths problems, answering questions, and translating multilingual proficiency as PaLM.

PaLM2 is the successor to the previous language model PaLM. 

Continue reading the article to learn about the new Google model and how to use it properly.

Introduction To Google PaLM 2 

PaLM2 is Google’s new language model built on complex codes and math. This model is a successor to PaLM, implemented in their Chatbot and AI. 

While PaLM can scale to 540 Billion Parameters, Google claims that the newer model is capable of even more than its predecessor. 

Additionally, it is also used in various medical AI learning models as well.

Med-PaLM2 allows the user to get high-quality medical answers. The language model also uses PaLM2 as its base.

Furthermore, the model boasts numerous improvements that make it stand out from its predecessor PaLM. Here are some of its features;

  1. The language model can understand more than 100 languages. This boosts its ability to process information from a wide array of languages. 
  2. It is also capable of logic, common reasoning, and solving mathematical problems.
  3. Google used a large set of publicly available source codes to train the model. This allows the language model to excel in some of the most popular programming languages. 

How To Use Google PaLM 2?

Google PaLM 2 is currently not available to the public to use directly. However, Google has implemented a large language model in its AI, Bard. 

Bard AI uses PaLM2 as its base to generate results depending on the user input. 

Google has also implemented the model in other areas, such as; Med-PaLM 2 and Sec-PaLM. 

Let’s also understand how Google is implementing PaLM 2 into practice.

1. Complex Reasoning

Google PaLM 2 is capable of understanding riddles and idioms.

It can solve and answers complex questions and understands human languages more than LLM and PaLM.

PaLM 2 reasoning
It shows its reasoning capabilities

2. Multilingual Translation

It generates the output of the information provided through various sources from 100 languages.

Compared to PaLM, PaLM 2 has been pre-trained on parallel multilingual text and a significantly bigger corpus of languages.

PaLM 2 multilingual image
PaLM2 shows its ability to translate different languages

3. Writes And Debugs Code

PaLM 2 is capable of writing and debugging codes. Moreover, it can even write comments in the language the user prefers or directs.

It was pre-trained on several web pages, source code, and other datasets.

Therefore, it excels at well-known programming languages like Python and JavaScript while also having the ability to produce specialized code in dialects of Prolog, Fortran, and Verilog.

PaLM 2 coding
PaLM2 debugs and writes comments

The Bottom Line

Google implementing PaLM2 is a step towards innovation for the Company. 

While the API is not available to the general public, using Bard AI is a experience for using PaLM 2. 

Continue reading to discover the differences and similarities between Google PaLM and PaLM 2 and Google Bard API Pricing.
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