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Is There Monopoly Moonlight Treasures Cheat Sheet?

The Monopoly Moonlight Treasures cheat sheet provides access to the Pickaxes.

Players can use the Pickaxes to destroy the tiles and search for treasures in the event.

Monopoly Go Cheat Sheet allows players to collect rewards, including Dice rolls, Cash, and stickers which can come in handy for building the landscapes or leveling up.

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Monopoly Go Moonlight Treasures

Moonlight Treasure is another exciting Monopoly Go event with 16 milestones.

Like the Egyptian Treasures event, players must gather the Pickaxe tokens and collect the artifacts.

However, collecting the Pickaxe is tricky, considering players must complete the milestone, have quick wins, or buy from the shop.

Completing the milestone is not possible without the Pickaxes, so securing quick wins is a better idea.

If players are willing to spend cash, they can also visit the store and buy the pickaxes.

Hence, to avoid the loss of Pickaxe, players must engage strategically in the Moonlight Treasures event.

If players cannot get the treasures by digging up the board, climbing the milestone guarantees them.

monopoly moonlight treasures cheat sheet
Dig using a Pickaxe and unlock the treasures.

Players reaching the 16th milestone can get 2500 Dice rolls, Money, and a Galaxy pack, guaranteeing a new sticker.

If players rely solely on the Pickaxe, they will get 20 by progressing through the levels in the event.

Moreover, at level 11 players will get money and a purple sticker pack.

Players can get the Pickaxes on levels three, six, nine, and 12, increasing upon progress.

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Monopoly Moonlight Treasures Cheat Sheet

Monopoly Moonlight  Cheat Sheet allows players to collect rewards, including Dice rolls, Cash, and stickers.

The Cheat Sheet works for many events, tournaments, or mini-games in Monopoly Go.

However, it is currently unavailable if players are searching for the free Moonlight Treasures Cheat Sheet.

Moreover, there are currently no links for the Pickaxe unlike the Mittens and Dice previously.

Nonetheless, there are various strategies and methods players can use to secure the peak spot in the Moonlight Treasures.

moonlight treasures rewards miletone
Play tactically to complete 16 miletones in the Moonlight Treasures.

Landing on the treasures is difficult when players climb up the rank as the board size increases.

Initially, players need to place their Pickaxe diagonally, which increases the chance of securing the treasures.

Players should also keep an eye on the collection to determine the number of free Moonlight treasures in the current milestone.

Moreover, the reward’s structure and shape will determine the rarity so that players can invest in the Pickaxe wisely.

If players have secured a treasure, its tile can indicate can be a potential Moonlight Treasure answer for another treasure.

The Bottom Line

Monopoly Go Moonlight Treasures is currently unavailable; hence, players must spend loads of time getting the free Pickaxe.

However, if players have the strategy and the technique, they can collect treasures using the ordinary number of Pickaxes.

Hopefully, the upcoming Christmas Event in Monopoly Go has Cheat Sheets for players’ convenience to secure loot.

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