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Mk1 Brutal Infection Klue: Complete Sun Do Festival Invasion

In Mk1, Brutal Infection Klue will pop up when the players are in the invasion mission in Sun Do Festival.

This Klue is bound to defeat enemies with specific brutality, which will lead to a hidden chest with randomized rewards.

However, some of the rewards that players will get after solving it are Character Skins, Relics and some amount of Mk1 credits.

Continue reading more about the Brutal Infection Klue and the method to complete it in Mk1.

What Is Brutal Infection Klue In Mortal Kombat 1?

In season 4 of MK1, players will encounter a Brutal Infection Klue as one of the new Klues.

These Klues are a form of content that allows players to explore characters’ skills and earn rewards.

They are the puzzles hidden inside the Invasion mode,  which will even help players unlock a character or a new character skill altogether.

Hence, it is a giant board game where players roam and fight with cryptic bonus objectives.

Each Klue has a unique solution that players must complete to unfold the new path.

Players can proceed here successfully after completing the objectives to unlock hidden paths.

Similarly, players need to solve Brutal Infection Klue to advance to the next level of the Invasion.

After solving this Klue, they will get various rewards. So they need to put effort into solving it.

However, many players find this Mortal Kombat 1 Klue confusing to solve.

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Mortal Kombat 1: Brutal Infection Klue Solution

The Brutal Infection Klue in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode is a puzzle players must solve.

Thus, completing it will unlock secret chests and get rewarded with loot items like skins, palettes, and many more.

Here are the steps to solve the Brutal Infection Klue:

1. Choose Kameo Character

In Mk1, to start the task via the Brutal Infection Klue, unlocking the Mileena, one of many playable fighters would be best.

Perform a Uppercut brutality move using a Meelina for the klue
Perform a Uppercut brutality move using a Meelina for the Brutal Infection Klue.

She is a ferocious rush-down fighter with the potential to consistently punish her foes for the slightest mistakes.

2. Use Mileena Brutality

Players should enter the Sun Do Festival, one of the map locations of season 4.

After entering the Kombat zone, players will face Kenshi Takahashi.

Players should attack this opponent continuously and use the Mileena uppercut Brutality and knock him down.

However, on different invasion tasks, players will face unique opponents.

Hence, players must know the specialized moveset of each character to defeat the opponents efficiently.

Rewards After Solving Brutal Infection Klue In MK1

In Brutal Infection Klue, players will earn various rewards after solving it, similarly to the other Klues.

Upon completing this Klue, the Reptile Skins: Searching Zaterra and Kenshi Skin will get unlocked.

Obtain various rewards in Brutal Infection Klue.
Players can obtain various rewards in Brutal Infection Klue.

Further, the first reward is the Nom Nom Rare Relic.

Similarly, players also get 500 seasonal MK1 credits from the chests.

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