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A Complete Guide To Login IG Wrapped

As an Instagram user, you might want to know how your year on the platform went.

What were your most liked posts, most commented posts, most used filters, most watched reels, and more?

Well, there is an app that claims to show you all that and more; IG Wrapped.

Before logging in to IG Wrapped, if you are concerned about your privacy and data protection, you should be cautious. To log into the IG Wrapped, you need to connect your app to Instagram.

Continue reading to learn how to log in to IG Wrapped and if is it really worth it.

How To Login IG Wrapped?

IG Wrapped is not affiliated with Instagram or Meta in any way.

Hence, it may not provide accurate or reliable information about your profile.

However, if you want to log into IGWrapped, you need to download it from the App Store and follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and connect your Instagram account.
  2. Wait for the app to generate your Wrapped.
  3. Tap the screen to scroll through your highlight reel.
  4. Tap Share to post it to social media.
IG Wrapped is not affiliated with Instagram or Meta in any way.

Is It Worth Logging Into IG Wrapped?

IG Wrapped requires you to provide your Instagram login credentials.

Only then it grant access to your account data, which may pose a security risk.

The app’s privacy policy states that it may collect and share your personal information with third-party services.

However, it cannot guarantee the absolute security of your data.

Therefore, if you are concerned about your privacy and data protection, you should be cautious.

You should stop giving access to your account to an unknown app.

wrapped unsafe ig wrapped login
People complaining about IG Wrapped login.

Further, the app shows different numbers every time they log in and some of the data it claims to show.

It includes who viewed your profile or who blocked you, which is not available from Instagram’s API.

Therefore, you should not trust the app’s results as a reflection of your Instagram activity or popularity.

Consequences Of Logging Into IG Wrapped

The consequences of logging into IG Wrapped are unclear, but they could be potentially risky for your privacy and security.

The app shows inconsistent or inaccurate statistics and risks about the security and privacy of their data.

Some consequences of logging into this app are:

1. Exposure Of Personal Information

You may expose your personal information to third-party services that may collect and use it for unknown purposes. 

Wrapped’s developer, Wrapped Labs, claims in their privacy policy that they may require you to provide them with certain personally identifiable information.

However, they cannot guarantee its absolute security.

2. Violate Instagram’s Terms Of Service

You may violate Instagram’s terms of service.

Stop sharing your login information with anyone else or using third-party apps that access your account without their permission.

This could result in your account being suspended or deleted by Instagram.

3. A Great Disappointment 

You may be disappointed or traumatized by the results that the app shows you.

Such as how many people blocked you, screenshot your posts, or interact with you.

These results may not be accurate or reliable, and they may affect your self-esteem or mental health

The Bottom Line

IG Wrapped is a third-party app that claims to show you your Instagram year in review based on your activity on the platform.

Some users have reported that the app shows inconsistent or inaccurate statistics.

Additionally, some have expressed concerns about the security and privacy of their data.

If you want to try the app, you can download it from the App Store and follow the steps in the first web result.

However, be careful and cautious when using third-party apps that ask for your personal information.

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